Upcoming Events



Thu June 2   7:30 PM   
The David Benedict Band
w/ Nora Garver & Julia Weatherford Tickets:  $10
Fri Jun 3rd   8:00 PM
Jonathan Byrd

Tickets:  $12 in advance/$15 at the door
Sat Jun 4th   8:00 PM
Asheville Jazz Orchestra

Tickets:  $15  
Sun Jun 5th  7:30 PM
Robin Bullock and Aoife Clancy

Tickets:  $15 in advance/$18 at the door


Tue Jun 7th   6:30 PM
Irish Jam

Tue Jun 7th   8:45 PM
Open Mic



Fri June 10th   7:30 PM   
Nina Simone Tribute 
Tickets:  $18 in advance / $20 at the door

Sat Jun 11th   7:00 PM
The Riccardi Duo

Tickets:  $12 in advance/$15 at the door


Sun Jun 12     Rob Ickes and Trey Hensley     7:30 PM     $12     $15
Tue Jun 14     Irish Jam     6:30 PM     FREE     FREE
Tue Jun 14     Open Mic     8:45 PM     FREE     FREE
Wed Jun 15     Wednesday Waltz     7:00 PM     $8     $8
Thu Jun 16     Carlos Funk     7:30 PM     $10     $10
Fri Jun 17     Cabaret Jazz: Wendy Jones and Friends     8:00 PM     $15     $15
Sat Jun 18     David Childers     8:00 PM     $12     $15
Sun Jun 19     Ian's Birthday Bash     7:00 PM     $10     $12
Mon Jun 20     Jay Brown and Bob Hinkle     7:00 PM     $6     $6
Tue Jun 21     Irish Jam     6:30 PM     FREE     FREE
Tue Jun 21     Open Mic     8:45 PM     FREE     FREE
Sat Jun 25     Songs of Innocence and Wisdom 
                         featuring Amanda Horton, Simone Vigilante, and Vance Reese     8:00 PM   
                                                          $18     $20
Sun Jun 26     Teen Bandstand     6:00 PM     $7/$10     $7/$10
Tue Jun 28     Irish Jam     6:30 PM     FREE     FREE
Tue Jun 28     Open Mic     8:45 PM     FREE     FREE
Wed Jun 29     Akira Satake and Duncan Wickel     7:30 PM         
Thu Jun 30     Bill Phillips     7:30 PM     $8     $8


Performing at White Horse

White Horse features a variety of music and performing arts events including international and national touring performers. We also feature the best in local and regional talent.

We are a true listening room where the focus is on celebrating the connection between artist and audience.   Our audiences appreciate being able to see and hear the artists in an intimate setting and our performers rave about our acoustics, out atmosphere, our attentive and appreciative audiences.  

Our musical performances cover a wide range of genres including blues, bluegrass, classical, jazz, folk, pop, world music, native american music, songwriters, and more.  We enjoy all types of music but are especially drawn to musical artists who are passionate about what they do and who possess the ability to convey that passion to the audience.  

In addition to musical acts, we feature other performing arts including puppetry, storytelling, dance, theatre, poetry...and more.  

We enjoy introducing new talent but most of our performers are established regional, national, and international performers with broad name recognition.   We also book up and coming artists who are quickly breaking into public awareness.  (View a list of a few of our past performers)

We love what we do, we love putting quality entertainers in front of appreciative audiences.   If you're interested in exploring win-win performance opportunities at White Horse Black Mountain we'd love to talk with you.

From an artistic standpoint:
We believe in the trans-formative power of the arts.    We believe the performing arts are more than mere entertainment.   We believe that each and every live performance is a unique event with the potential to build special connections between the artist and the audience.  Our goal is for the events  we present to make a positive impact on everyone involved -  the audience members, the artists, and the White Horse staff.

From a business standpoint:
Successful events hinge on both the venue and the performing artists approaching the event as a short-term business partnership. Both the artist and the venue are investing time, energy, and finances in hopes of making a return on their investment. 

Success depends on both parties committing themselves fully to publicity and promotion prior to the show;  attention to details; great communication, and  giving 110 percent effort to make the event a unique experience for each and every audience member.

  • Successful performers at White Horse Black Mountain have an established fan base who are willing to pay money to hear them.    
  • Successful performers at White Horse Black Mountain have an ability to market and promote their appearances.   They utilize press kits,  posters/flyers, media releases, websites, Facebook, fan newsletters, and other means to communicate with their fans.  
  • Successful performers at White Horse send (or drop off) 20-30 flyers at least 3 weeks prior to their concert.   (Arrangements can be made for White Horse to design and/or print your concert flyers for a reasonable rate.)
  • Successful performers send their press kit, hi-res photos, and other promotional material to White Horse at least 3 weeks prior to their concert.

White Horse Black Mountain does do it's own publicity and promotion in partnership with (not in place of )  performer efforts to promote.   Our own marketing efforts include our media releases, our newsletter, our website, our Facebook, our printed calendars, our street team, etc.  

When all is said and done, our short-term business partnerships with performers have proven successful in the past.   When both parties work together to  market and promote the events both performer and venue can create a win-win situation for financial success in addition to artistic excellence.

If  you're looking for a venue where you can just book a show and show up to play then you might want look elsewhere....BUT...  If you share our vision of the performing arts and our commitment to making each event successful both artistically and from a business perspective, please email us at whitehorseblkmtn@gmail.com