SHEILA KAY ADAMS and the Scofflaws Appearing Sat Feb 7 2015 at 8pm

$12 in advance
$15 at the door

Sheila Kay Adams & the Scofflaws who perform an eclectic mix of toe-tappin' old time fiddle/clawhammer banjo tunes, ballads, stories, early American folk songs and original Americana songs, with musical "curveball" surprises along the way. The Scofflaws bring some 90 years of collective musical experience to the stage, and draw material from a span of 400 years. From the 16th century to honky-tonk...just when ya think you got it figgered out, think again!
Sheila Kay Adams is one of, if not the most famous woman in traditional Appalachian folk music and story telling. Musician, story teller and author, she's been performing on the national level for over 40 years, including the 1976 and 2003 Smithsonian Folklife Festivals, many appearances at the Jonesborough National Storytelling Festivals and the best folk music festivals in the USA. She's been awarded the highest awards that exist in traditional American folk music. We could fill up a book about Sheila alone; instead, here's a short blurb about her from the Blue Ridge heritage website.
(from Blue Ridge Heritage)
"As a storyteller, Adams also presents her family's heritage to a world audience. Her tales of life in Madison County are full of history and humor. A reviewer in the Washington Post wrote that, "Her stories may be localized or carry you back to the thirteenth century, but their lessons, poignancy, and humor have no boundary, real or artificial." Most recently she is the acclaimed author of two books, Come Go Home With Me, a collection of short stories drawn from life in Madison County, and My Old True Love, a novel of love and family in Civil War-era Madison County. Life Magazine called her book of short stories "pure mountain magic." And, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution says My Old True Love is "as passionate and eventful as an Irish ballad."
Sheila Kay Adams won the 1997 North Carolina Society of Historians' Clark Cox Historical Fiction Award, and received the North Carolina Folklore Society's Brown-Hudson Award for outstanding contributions to the folklore of her home state.
In 2013, Adams received the National Heritage Fellowship, the nation's highest honor in the folk and traditional arts."
Sheila is also an award-winning traditional banjo player and singer of traditional Appalachian ballads and songs, and here's where the Scofflaws come in. Over the last year or so, a musical trio with a collective 90 years of musican experience has been forming between Sheila and two other musicians, each gifted in their own unique musical skills; the result becoming Sheila Kay Adams & the Scofflaws.  
Holding down the rhythm guitar is songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Dan Lewis, another musical veteran of western North Carolina for over 40 years, who brings his lifetime of performing with various traditional mountain musicians, as well as Piedmont blues with Asheville 1st generation blues legends Walter & Ethel Phelps, 50s & 60s dance band Johnny & the Jokers, and world famous synthesizer inventor Bob Moog. Dan has twelve albums of original music released, has performed hundreds of time for thousands of people here and in the UK. For the Scofflaws, his rhythm guitar both accents the beat and adds counter melodies beyond typical traditional guitar styles, and occasionally sings harmony; the Scofflaws also perform several of Dan's original mountain-influenced Americana songs, including one based on one of Sheila's childhood memories.

The final Scofflaw is Branson Raines, a truly gifted young traditional & bluegrass fiddler who's skills and tonality are decades beyond his actual age. Branson has studied under master Appalachian fiddlers, and also performs with local bluegrass bands regularly performing in the region. Wherever the Scofflaws perform, everyone is amazed at the musical skills Branson so effortlessly shares, and we can only imagine what the future holds for one so gifted at a young age. Not limited to fiddle, Branson can clawhammer a fine banjo and pick mandolin and guitar.

So, in the Scofflaws, we have this gifted and diverse eclectic trio; Sheila's banjo is a perfect rhythmic melodic engine, her voice sing high and clear, richly flavored with tradition and times gone by; Dan's intricate rhythm guitar driving and accenting the clawhammer banjo, while Branson's fiddle is the toneful melodic icing on the cake, inspiring every toe in the house to tapping on one song, and every eye tearful on the next. And, just when you think you've got the Scofflaws figured out, they pitch curveballs from the roots of early country music and honky-tonk that seem to surprise and delight listeners every time.

CLICK HERE to visit their website

As a special treat, the opening act will be Appalachian folk-pop duo Lorraine Conard (guitar & vocals) and Emma Best (fiddle, mandolin, guitar & vocals), opening the show.Lorraine and Emma, both songwriters and lovers of traditional tunes, bring stories to life, from toe-tapping, country-fried original Americana and bluegrass to folk-tinged gospel and blues. Give them a listen here!

AROUNA DIARRA and PATRICK FITZSIMONS Appearing Fri Feb 6 2015 at 8:00pm

of Burkina Faso 
Patrick Fitzsimons
of Ireland
present an evening of traditional music
of West Africa

$10 in advance/$12 at the door

Arouna and Patrick will perform as a duo tonight.  They are members of Mande Foly,a collective of musicians & dancers who perform traditions of West Africa, Mande referring to a region which predates national boundaries, and which bridges many smaller ethnic groups together as one. The group features several West Africans, and although they may come from different countries, their ancestry, and a vast repertoire of music & dance, is linked through Mande.

Arouna Diarra, originally from Burkina Faso, was born into a griot family. The griots are hereditary musicians and culture bearers, and he was raised learning music and songs that had been handed down through many generations. He sings in his native Bambara and plays kora, a West African harp-lute, balafone, a type of xylophone, and ngoni, a plucked relative of the banjo.

Irish-born guitarist and singer, Patrick Fitzsimons, actually began his musical career as a percussionist. Since the mid-90s, Patrick has studied rhythmic traditions of Africa, South America, and the Caribbean.  

 Now focusing his energies principally as a guitarist, Patrick has continued his studies within the African diaspora, in particular styles of Mali, Congo, Zimbabwe, Ivory Coast, and Cuba.  Patrick manages and performs with another afro-influenced group, Mande Foly, which plays the music of the Mandingue people of West Africa. This group has a decidedly more acoustic feel and features kamale ngoni & balafon player, Arouna Diarra from Burkina Faso.

The music of Mande Foly is dynamic and improvisational, rooted in a strong rhythm section. Along with the syncopated harmonies between the kamale n’goni, balafon, guitar, and call & response singing, the music of Mande Foly delivers a hypnotic experience that attracts people of all ages and backgrounds. Lyrics, sung in Bambara and French, delve within topics such as social consciousness, conflict, and love for one another.

The instrumentation of Mande Foly reflects a bridge between past and present times, utilizing predominantly traditional instruments but also including acoustic and electric guitars. The traditional instruments include: the kamale n’goni, a 14-stringed harp-like instrument; the balafon, an instrument related to the modern xylophone; the calabasse, a gourd that has been halved and played with the hands; the djembe, a goblet-shaped hand drum; and dununs, cylindrical drums played with sticks.

“Mande” refers to the Mandingue region of West Africa. “Foly” means, “to play.”

BILL BARES & MICHAEL LIBRAMENTO Appearing Mon Feb 2 2015 at 7:30pm

TICKETS         $12 ($6 Students) 

Since opening its doors five years ago the White Horse Black Mountain jazz has been a big part of our musical programming.  Our newest offering is a monthly series called "Take Two" featuring Bill Bares on piano and a variety of the region's top jazz musicians sharing the stage with Bill in duet format

This month we present
Dr Bill Bares 
on piano  
Michael Libramento
on guitar, bass


Dr. William Bares holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Amherst College, a Masters degree in Jazz Performance from the University of Miami, and a Ph.D. in ethnomusicology from Harvard University, where he studied with Ingrid Monson, the Quincy Jones Professor of African American Music. Bares spent ten years performing and researching jazz in Europe, and his book Eternal Triangle: American Jazz in European Postmodern is forthcoming with Oxford University Press. Other research interests include jazz and race, and music and environmental issues. Before coming to UNC Asheville, Bares taught at several Boston-based schools, including Harvard University, Brown University, Suffolk University, the New England Conservatory and Berklee College of Music.
After years of additional study and gigging in major jazz centers, Bares and family landed in Asheville, where he and his wife both teach at UNCA. In addition to his teaching, Bares keeps up a busy and varied performance schedule with jazz ensembles of myriad configurations and styles.



The "Take Two" Concert Series at White Horse focuses on duets featuring pianist Bill Bares and a rotating cast of the FIRST CLASS regional musicians on their respective instruments. Concerts in the series will take place on the first Monday of each month at 7:30pm. You'll hear a wide variety of unique and amazing music so be sure to mark your calendars for these upcoming concerts in the series.

  • Mar 2 Bill Bares (piano) / Serpentine Arborvitae (vocals)
  • Apr 6 Bill Bares (piano) / Matthew Richmond (vibraphone)
  • May 4 Bill Bares (piano) / Rick Simerly (trombone)
  • Jun 1 Bill Bares (piano) / Zack Page (bass)
  • July 6 Bill Bares (piano) / Jacob Rodriguez (saxaphone)
  • Aug 4 Bill Bares (piano) / Russ Wilson (vocals, drums)
  • Oct 5 Bill Bares (piano / Justin Ray (trumpet)
  • Nov 2 Bill Bares (piano / Hong Waltzer (guzheng) + Greg Waltzer (electronics)
  • Oct 5 Bill Bares (piano) / Brian Felix (keyboards)

Past Performances  include:
  • Jan     Bill Bares (piano) / Michael W. Davis ( percussion)
  • Feb 2  Bill Bares (piano) / Michael Libramento (guitar, bass, percussion)

  • Mar 3 Bill Bares (piano / Jason DeCristofaro (vibraphone)
  • Apr 7 Bill Bares (piano / Rockell Scott (vocals)
  • Jun 2 Bill Bares (piano / Jonathan Scales (steel drums)
  • July 7 Bill Bares (piano / Billy Cardine (dobro)
  • Aug 4 Bill Bares (pianos / Andy Page (guitar)
  • Sept 1 Bill Bares (piano / Patrick Lopez (trumpet)
  • Oct 6 Bill Bares (piano / Michael Holstein (bass)
  • Nov 3 Bill Bares (piano / Lyndsay Pruett (violin)
  • Dec 1 Bill Bares (piano / Michael Jefry Stevens (piano)

From Dr Bill Bares:
First of all, I love the sound and feel of their piano. Second, I felt that a series that puts WNC's A-list jazz musicians out front, alone, with just piano accompaniment, would spotlight their individual artistry in a valuable way. We plan on recording performances and releasing them as a series patterned after Concord's "Live at Maybeck" piano series.
Last, I thought that holding such a series on a Monday at 7:30 would make it noncompetitive with other jazz offerings in the area. That time slot sends the message: "it's all about the music," which I am confident you will find phenomenal. For the roster I have selected area musicians (one different instrument each month) with substantial fan base, individuality and with whom I have a good rapport. I am looking forward to widening this circle in subsequent years.

MJS ELECTRIC JAZZ ENSEMBLE Appearing Sat Jan 31st 2015 8:00pm

$10 advance/$12 at the door

Michael Jefry Stevens 
Jason DeCristofaro 
Bill Berg 
Zack Page 
Tim Doyle 

Asheville area jazz fans know Michael Jefry Stevens. He’s ubiquitous, playing in bewildering whirl of venues, ensembles and styles. Jazz aficionados also know that any projects he involves himself in will feature world class playing.

White Horse patrons may recall pianist/keyboardist Stevens’ foray into electric territory in last year’s tribute to fusion pioneers Weather Report. Vibraphonist/percussionist Jason de Cristofaro and bassist Zack Page are carried over from that stellar lineup, with the addition of drummer Bill Berg and Tim Doyle on guitar. Along with the new lineup comes a cornucopia of new music as these fine players pool their talents.

MardiGras Dance Party with BAYOU DIESEL Fri Jan 30th 2015 8:00pm

Tickets: $10

Fun lovin' accordion powered mardi-gras party band from the WNC area!!

Bayou  Diesel  has  been  traveling the  obscure  gig-highways  and mountain  bayous  of  Western North  Carolina  since  2005 playing festivals, dance halls and  craft-breweries. 

This high energy rhythm-machine focuses  on  performing  the powerful  cajun,  zydeco  and mardi Gras  music  styles    of  Creole Southwest  Louisiana  combined with  vintage  rock  and  roll  hits plus  a  slew  of  contemporary  two-stepping originals. 

Featuring veteran Asheville-area musicians Steve Burnside    (accordions/fiddle),    Miriam    Allen   (rubboard/fiddle), Professor  Tall  Paul  (bass), Ben  Bjorlie  (drums)  and  David  Zoll (guitars), Bayou  Diesel  keeps  the  motor  humming  fueling  perky dance  beats,  inspired  jamming  and ‘franglish’  lyrics.  Critics  call their music ‘fun’, ‘dynamic” and  ‘tasty chank-a-chank’.

 This is their first  stop  at  the  Whitehorse  in  over  a  year.  With  a  third  CD  in progress,  the  group  is delighted  to  return  to  Black  Mt,  North Carolina’s  premier  music  showcase  for  a  Mardi-Gras Dance  mid-winter warm-up.

BRING BACK BOOM BAP Thursday Jan 29th 2015 7:30pm

$10 in advance
$12 at the door

A totally unique evening....
Updated old-school hip-hop 
without the gangsta vibe.

For those of you who 
don't think you like hip-hop, 
this is YOUR kind of show....a chance 
to experience a different side of hip hop.

Performing will be 

Musashi Xero

Ciggy POP
Kersey Williams
Kuxxan Suum
Hamza Vandehey

"Musashi's chill lyrics and poetic, rhythmic structures hint at the deep thoughtfulness that goes into his songwriting. All of the work that he puts in comes across as sheer ease during his performances, though, as he moves through lyrics, beats, and cadences without even breaking a sweat.
- Ali McGhee, Sensible Reason

 Onto this scene comes Musashi Xero, a 24-year old powerhouse of a performer whose exterior youthfulness is matched by an interior depth rarely achieved even by people who have lived much longer lives. Xero's experiences led him to Asheville because it afforded him the opportunity to realize his dual visions of collaborating with producers and artists and leaving his distinct mark on our town.

Rather than working on a surface level of overt meaning, Xero's songs beg for a deeper level of involvement that pays off every time. My favorite song on the album, “Fossil Cruise Ghost,” is simultaneously deeply personal and profoundly beautiful. Over the flowing sounds of the track, Xero's voice is clear and uncompromising: “Lifted off the ground as I'm sifted into ash, I never asked for forgiveness.” Other songs, like “Graveyard Fields,” are undeniably Asheville-inspired, but with a touch of irreverence

Alli McGhee, Asheville Grit

to read more about 
Musashi Xero

BETH MCKEE Appearing Wed Jan 28th 2015 7:30pm

Tickets: $8

Accented by 
the sounds of Louisiana and the blues, R&B and the swamp,
her voice reaches audiences from all backgrounds and times, yet always in the same places in the soul.

The show is stolen however, by Beth McKee, in a class with a young Bonnie Raitt.
– Nashville Scene (live review)

Honky Tonk piano worthy of some Jerry Lee Lewis arson.
– L.A. Weekly (live review)

Beth McKee has lived through the South from Mississippi to New Orleans, through Florida, Texas and North Carolina and is well familiar with both the joys and hard times necessary to create meaningful music. In 2012 she brought her full-hearted voice to “Next To Nowhere,” an all-original collection of songs carved from the struggles of life as a working musician in the South. With stellar reviews and radio airplay worldwide, including a nationally aired tourism commercial for her home state of Mississippi, her talents continue to be exposed to wider and wider audiences. Her follow up, again all McKee material, further explores her inner landscape and musical influences and is scheduled for release in early 2015.

While spending some time off-road to record the new album Beth saw a need to unify her local songwriting community. In early 2014 she began hosting a monthly singer/songwriter series at Orlando hotspot The Smiling Bison. The series quickly became one of the most well attended regular events in town and from it Beth has spawned an all female songwriters circle that meets monthly with every member writing a song each month using a word or phrase that Beth provides ahead of time.

After her New Orleans band Evangeline terminated their contract with MCA Records and broke up in the mid 1990’s Beth took a break from the music business and worked on developing her craft. She honed her songwriting skills in 2010 by recording and releasing “I’m That Way” and breathed her fire into the works of Chess Record’s Louisiana legend Bobby Charles. “Recording Bobby’s songs was a great study in songwriting and I learned a lot from it and from him.” Bobby, was so impressed with Beth’s interpretations of his songs that he asked her to sing with him on his own record “Timeless” which she did and which would turn out to be the last before his death.

Beth has a strong desire to give back to the communities she visits during her tours, so she founded a network of over 2,300 southern women that she dubbed her Swamp Sistas. With their help, Beth hosts gatherings called “La Las” around the South. The Swamp Sista La Las are celebrations of regional music, food and culture and raise awareness and money for community issues and organizations that are important to the group.

The most recent Swamp Sista La La was held in June, 2013 at SECCA in Winston Salem, NC in conjunction with Cobblestone Market. Prior La Las raised money for The Eagles Nest Foundation , WMNF Community Radio in Tampa, Fl. And awareness for Indie retail in Orlando Florida’s Audubon Park Community. More La Las are in the works.

Singing, songwriting and piano playing are still Beth’s primary passions and it’s easy to see that when she performs. Beth’s songs speak a universal message and encompass the musical genres that emerged from the Southern US: Soul, New Orleans Rhythm & Blues, Zydeco, Gospel, Country. Beth writes of the courageous human spirit with a gritty voice that rings true and from experience. That’s a message that — no matter who we are or where we come from – we need to hear.

CLICK HERE to visit the Beth McKee website

CARRIE NEWCOMER Appearing Sat Mar 28 2015 8:00pm

$18 in advance
$20 at the door

“I love Carrie Newcomer. She writes and sings about what is most personal to her and in doing so she speaks to the wider world. Her new CD, The Geography of Light, is full of gorgeous arrangements that frame her soulful vocals, and the song ‘Geodes’ will make you catch your breath with its wisdom and beauty.”
- Mary Chapin Carpenter

“Carrie is a touchstone of authenticity in an image-driven, media-defined musical world. She is a beautiful singer and songwriter, and deeply refreshing.”   
- Rosanne Cash

Carrie Newcomer has been described as “a soaring songstress” by Billboard, a “prairie mystic by the Boston Globe and Rolling Stone wrote that she “asks all the right questions.” One of the definitive voices of the heartland and progressive spirituality, Newcomer a has the ability for sharp observation of the world.

Newcomer has attracted a devoted following with her warm voice, exquisite melodies, and an irreverent yet spiritual view of the world. As in the work of poets Mary Oliver and Wendell Berry, Newcomer’s songs are based in the ordinary, and infused with images from the natural world.

Over the course of her career Newcomer has seen a lot of the world. In the 2009 and 2011, Newcomer toured India as a cultural ambassador for the American Embassy. As a result of her time in India, in 2011 she released Everything is Everywhere, a collaboration with masters of the Indian classical sarod, Amjad, Ayaan and Amaan Ali Khan. A beautifully created fusion of East and West, the album was released as a benefit album for the Interfaith Hunger Initiative.
“Our culture reasons that because we feel there is not enough time, we should increase our pace, multitask, and fit more into our already overbooked days. But perhaps the more effective response to the limits of time is to live more fully in the moment, to savor it and expand it out in all directions.” “I am one of a growing number of people that do not want to put the sacred in such a small container.”  -- Carrie Newcomer
 In 2012, Newcomer visited and performed in Kenya, performing in primary and secondary schools, hospitals and clinics. In 2013, she visited the Middle East working with organizations dedicated to the arts and non-violent conflict resolution. Newcomer appears to have no performance and touring boundaries, as she seamlessly moves from country to country , performing in concert halls, acoustic clubs, colleges, churches, synagogues and convents; conducting workshops on vocation, arts, creative writing and progressive faith at universities, seminaries and high schools, writing and performing in theatrical productions, and volunteering for environmental and social justice fundraisers. 

She’s comfortable as an artist and speaker in venues as diverse as concerts at Carnegie Hall, the Kennedy Center, and London’s Royal Festival Hall, a humble rural school in Africa, a women’s cooperative in India, a Quaker meeting house in Ramala, a performance for at-risk juveniles inside an Ohio courtroom (with judge, parole officer and parents present), and playing and conducting a workshops inside of an Indiana women’s penitentiary.

 “To my mind - a writer’s mind- Carrie Newcomer is much more than a musician. She’s a poet, storyteller, snake-charmer, good neighbor, friend and lover, minister of the wide-eyed gospel of hope and grace. All this, and she comes with a voice that declares: “Sit down here a minute and listen.” Who could ask for more?”
- Barbara Kingsolver (Author of The Poisonwood Bible)

"Newcomer weaves faith and spirituality throughout the stories
she tells in her songs, writing about finding the sacred in the
supposedly profane; of encountering the spirit of God in places
some people say God isn't supposed to be found....It's a job
Newcomer performs with elegance, eloquence and grace."

- Cathleen Falsani, award-winning  columnist Chicago Sun-Times

Carrie Newcomer is the most insightful and lyrical singer-songwriter I know—always attuned to the still, small voice of the soul that’s so often muffled by the noise of the world. In this superb collection of new work, she engages us in a conversation about what it means to be human, vulnerable to the whole of life, learning to love. The poems to which she gives voice in these songs comprise the musical score of a life lived fully and well.
----Parker Palmer

“One of my favorite things: a new set of songs from Carrie Newcomer. With all my favorite themes contained inside new  melodies, heartbreakingly perfect production and a voice at its all-time best, I have fallen madly for this one.”
- Barbara Kingsolver (Author of The Poisonwood Bible)

VALENDINE Celebration on Saturday Feb 14 2015 7:00pm

Les Femmes Mystique 
a Dinner Theater Experience

V a l e n D i n e

Delight in All Things Delicious 

Enchanting Dancing, Poetry, and Music
A Delicious Four Course Meal 

Farm-to-table food and drinks from 
Green Light Cafe, 
Foothills meats, 
Roots and Fruits Market, 
Lookout Brewery,

Show at 7:00pm
followed by 
music and dancing 
at 9:00pm

$50 per person for Meal and Show
(vegan and gluten-free options available)
** Meal Packages Are Sold Out   ***

$20 per person for Show only

The Puppetry of ANDREW PERIALE Sun Jan 25 2015 7:30pm


Mano a Monolog
by acclaimed puppeteer 

A truly masterful and totally original performance that will touch your heart and tickle your funny bone!

"Mano a Monolog”– is a solo piece and a mix of poetic and dramatic monologs, some of which are performed with puppets. From light verse character sketch to Gothic ghost story to poignant recollection these pieces give voice to characters who are by turns comic, thoughtful, eerie, or poignant.

Tonight's performance is intended for adult audiences but is appropriate for older teens.

Sketches include:

The Disheartened Bonvivant: A young man of privilege finds that, despite his fine education and refined tastes, he is really not suited for any sort of work.

My Dear, I Think of You: In the spirit of Noel Coward, a middle-aged British widow feels truly alive at last!

The Interrogator: The most chilling thing about this man is the sympathetic, even cheerful way he goes about his work.

Kilim, Softly: A writer, sitting in a Turkish café, is inspired by the rhythms of the music playing in the background, when he re- alizes that his pencil has been flirting with the barrista!

Celestial Surprise: An older man, at a crossroads in his life, has a conversation with God—or is it a monolog?

I Must Start for Paris: Fed up with life in a small, New England town, a man decides to uproot and move to Paris. He tells his wife to pack her brushes and paints: they are departing for the land of “espadrilles and tiny underpants.”

Seraphic Dialog: A couple purchases an angel from a monastic order that is forced to sell off its goods. The benefits the Seraph conveys are less tangible than the couple had hoped. It begins to favor the wife because of her growing faith. The husband, though practically an outsider in his own marriage, also comes to understand his place in the universe.

Soft-Shelled Crabs: An old woman looks back on her life and understands the role her mother’s cooking played in it.

An Uncle’s Advice A man schools his young relatives in the value of travel and exhorts them to see the world “while you still look great without your clothes—while you still can touch your toes!”

About Andrew Periale
Andrew and Bonnie Periale (Perry Alley Theatre) have been bringing exciting, imaginative theatre to audiences for over 20 years. Their original retelling of such favorites as Tom Thumb, Snow White, and The Princess and the Pea using puppets, masks, music, and sometimes even kitchen utensils has made them a favorite with sponsors.

They are the co-founders of Perry Alley Theatre and have received two UNIMA citations for excellence in puppetry, and   been nominated for an Emmy. Their work has been supported by Puppeteers of America and the Henson Foundation, and they have been featured at regional and national puppet festivals and on New Hampshire Public Television. 

Their works for adult audiences include The Key, Chinese Take-Out Theatre, and, in collaboration with composer Larry Siegel, Strange Love.

He's been performing for over 20 years.   He and his wife Bonnie are avid supports and promoters of  the art of puppetry and produce our nation's only magazine devoted to international puppetry, Puppetry International.

About Puppetry International
Puppetry artists need audiences, and they need educated and informed audiences. They also need directors and producers with an increased appreciation for the creative opportunities to mix puppets and people in theatre, film and video. PUPPETRY INTERNATIONAL was founded in 1994 and is designed to bridge the interests of puppetry professionals and their audiences. As the lines blur among actors' theatre, mime, dance, masks and puppetry, PUPPETRY INTERNATIONAL is of interest to a continually expanding readership.

Published twice a year,PUPPETRY INTERNATIONAL is distributed to specialty newsstands nationally and is available at theatres, puppet centers and festivals.

THE ODD GET EVEN Appearing Thu Jan 22rd 2015 7:30pm

Tickets:  $7

Black Mountain's The Odd Get Even carry on the eternal quest for originality and authenticity at the heart and roots of rock 'n' roll, with a sound hearkening back to its glory days.

The doctor will be in the house; led by the soulful, soaring, shimmering guitar lines of Doc Sal D'Angio - a Philadelphia native taught by jazz great Pat Martino - his sound recalls the crisp, leaping greatness of San Francisco before the jam era. The band is anchored by the solid drumming of Delaware drummer Doug Douglas whose sound evokes British Rock and Memphis-based R&B of the day. Fiercely fronted by the rhythm guitar and never give an inch/good to be alive attitude of Raleigh's Dave Landy, whose comps range from Lou Reed to Neil Young, the band never backs down from its relentless quest for truth and connection, both to listeners and the spirits of rock and roll.

Acclaimed Guitarist RICHARD SMITH Appearing Sat Jan 24th 2015 at 8pm

$15 in advance
$18 at the door

 Richard’s fretboard fireworks   will melt your heartstrings, have your toes tapping and your jaws hanging open. His ever growing repertoire comprises a wide variety of music from classical Bach to Beatles pop. It includes Scott Joplin Rags just like Sousa marches, Chopin, Mozart and fiddle tunes. It ranges from jazz standards to Chet Atkins and Jerry Reed and to Django Reinhardt gypsy swing, not to mention their intriguing originals. 

About Richard
When Richard Smith picks up a guitar, it's a treat for the ears and the eyes. Audiences watch in amazement, while his fingers dance over fretboard and strings, and listen in delight, as melody and groove fill the room. It's a natural gift.

“Richard Smith's fingers move so fast across the guitar strings that they're virtually a blur, but the music is pristinely clear … The heroes' hero ...”     Kyra Gottesman, Chico Enterprise-Record, Chico/CA

Born in Beckenham, Kent in England in 1971, he started playing on a six-string at the age of 5 after hearing his father picking “Down South Blues” by Chet Atkins and Merle Travis. When Richard asked “Dad, how do you do that?”, his father obliged, and Richard never looked back. Often, a single hearing was all it took to get a piece under his fingers, and eventually his hero, the “Godfather” of fingerstyle, Chet Atkins, invited Richard to share the stage with him at Her Majesty's Theatre in London, when he was only eleven years old.

After studying the music of Atkins, Travis, and Jerry Reed, Richard soon graduated to classical guitar pieces, Gypsy jazz, poppin’ tele playing, bluegrass and bebop licks by listening to an array of recordings by the likes of Django Reinhardt, Joe Pass, Doc Watson, Newgrass Revival, Albert Lee, Jorge Morel and countless other virtuoso musicians. With his brothers Rob and Sam he formed the Richard Smith Guitar Trio for about 8 years. Having married American cellist Julie Adams, he moved to Nashville in 2000. Since then, he has toured constantly around the US and Europe either solo, with his cellist wife, and with his swing band The Hot Club of Nashville.

“The unlimited lightness of guitar playing … Smith masters everything with an ef­fortlessness, that makes all music go straight to the heart.”
Lippische Landes-Zeitung, Detmold/Germany

With 10 CD releases and two DVDs to his name, and concentrating mainly on a solo career, Richard is well-known for mixing it up and playing a wide range of musical styles using various techniques. Blues, Joplin Rags, Bach, Chopin, flatpicking fiddle tunes, Sousa Marches, fingerstyle jazz to straight Travis picking tunes make up his evolving repertoire. Nowadays, Richard balances his time between concertizing on the road and lending his ears and licks to other artists' music, producing their records in his very own Tunesmith Studio.

WEDNESDAY NIGHT WALTZ Wed Jan 21 2015 7:00pm

Join us for a relaxing evening of waltzes with a wonderful band.

Tickets are only $8

(Lessons from 6:30pm until 7pm for only $5)

Providing the music for tonight's waltz will be:

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Waltz is a smooth progressive dance characterized by long, flowing movements, continuous turns, and rise & fall. Graceful and elegant, Waltz dancers glide around the floor almost effortlessly. Waltz is by its very definition a form of music in 3/4 meter. The first beat of each measure is dominant with a strong downbeat accent, while beats two and three are lighter. Characteristically, Slow Waltz music is sweet, melodic and fluid.

The ASHEVILLE JAZZ ORCHESTRA Appearing Feb 1st 2015 at 7:30pm


Enjoy the Swinging Sounds of 
The Big Band Era 

The premier big band of western North Carolina, the Asheville Jazz Orchestra has been delighting audiences since 2006. Drawing from a wide variety of influences, a performance by the AJO will range from the swing era sounds of Duke Ellington, Count Basie and Benny Goodman to the progressive sounds of Thad Jones, Gordon Goodwin, and Stan Kenton to premiering new charts by local composers.

Since their founding in 2006 the 17 piece Asheville Jazz Orchestra has become western North Carolina's premier big band. Their mission is twofold. First, through recreating the swing era hits of the 1930s and 1940s the AJO strives to rekindle an awareness of this rich and innovative jazz style. Secondly, the AJO considers it vital to help the big band tradition evolve through performing works by contemporary composers and arrangers. Whether they're playing your favorite big band era hits at a swing dance or performing a brand new composition written by a band member in a formal concert, the AJO is dedicated to both preserving and advancing the uniquely American art form of jazz.

The musicians who perform with the AJO rank among some of the finest jazz musicians in the area. Band members bring their experiences performing with luminary groups such as the Glenn Miller Orchestra, Mel Tormé, When Swing Was King, the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra, the Nelson Riddle Orchestra, and Guy Lombardo's Royal Canadian's.

AmiciMusic Presents FOUR HAND RHAPSODY Sun Jan 18th 2015 at 2pm

$15 in advance
$20 at the door


This evening's performance  features some great works, including:

  • Schubert's emotionally powerful "Fantasy in F minor", 
  • Liszt's virtuosic "Hungarian Rhapsody" no. 2, 
  • Moszkowski's playful "Spanish Dances", and
  • Gershwin's energetic, tuneful, and quintessentially American "Rhapsody in Blue." 

About Daniel Lau

Pianist Daniel Lau has received enthusiastic press notices for both his solo and chamber performances. The Washington Post praised his "exemplary artistry;" the Baltimore Sun noted "Lau's beautifully shaded playing;" the Intelligencer Journal (Lancaster, PA) lauded his "flair, great technical proficiency and expressiveness;" and La Liberté (Fribourg, Switzerland) cited "playful nuances, translucent phrasing, and miraculous sonorities." He has appeared in recitals and with orchestras throughout North America and Europe. He collaborates frequently with singers internationally and is a sought-after chamber musician. With soprano Sabrina Coleman Clark, he has performed a multimedia show, "Marian Anderson - A Legacy of Hope," to thousands of school children. He is a founding member of the Ravel Trio praised recently by the Swiss Journal du Jura, "Splendid interpretation, vigorous and nuanced playing."

Since 2006, Dr. Lau has released half a dozen recordings with a variety of artists, including a CD with award winning engineer Marc Arbort and a self-produced solo CD "Transcendent Colors." With a special interest in Asian American and African American composers, Lau is committed to the performance of living composers. He has premiered many solo and chamber music works and can be heard on a number of recordings of works by contemporary living composers.

A versatile pianist, violinist and conductor, Lau has served as Music Director for performances of Manon, Amahl and the Night Visitors, The Merry Widow, and The Magic Flute, among others. Lau attended Loma Linda University, where he served as concertmaster of the orchestra and 1st violinist of the LLU String Quartet. Graduating with a Bachelor of Music Degree in Piano Performance - high honors, he won the coveted Dean's Award. He then attended the Peabody Conservatory of Music, becoming a member of the Pi Kappa Lambda honorary society while earning masters and doctoral degrees. His major teachers include Lillian Freundlich, Anita Norskov Olsen, Samuel Sanders, and Jerome Lowenthal.

Dr. Lau is a dedicated educator of music and has given masterclasses and clinics throughout the United States. He serves as Chair of the Maryland State Music Teachers Association Chamber Music Festival and Competition Coordinator for the American Liszt Society Liszt-Garrison International Piano Festival and Competition. He has taught at the Pennsylvania Academy of Music, the College of Notre Dame of Maryland and is currently Assistant Professor of Music at Washington Adventist University and on the faculty of the New England Music Camp.

About Daniel Weiser
Daniel Weiser, piano, has a Doctorate in Piano/Chamber Music from the Peabody Conservatory, where he studied with Samuel Sanders and Robert MacDonald and won the Richard Franko Goldman prize for outstanding contribution to musical and education life. He has performed on many great stages, including the Weill Recital Hall of Carnegie Hall, the National Gallery of Art in D.C., and on the Dame Myra Hess Concert Series in Chicago. He has also concertized around the world, including Israel, Thailand, Holland, and France and was the 1996 U.S. Artistic Ambassador Abroad, for which he performed on an eleven-country tour of the Middle East and Asia. He has been on the music faculty of Dartmouth College and the prestigious St. Paul’s School in Concord, NH.

Besides founding AmiciMusic, he co-founded and still serves as Artistic Director for Classicopia, a similar type of chamber music organization based in New Hampshire. He was also a founding member of the Adirondack Ensemble, which won a Chamber Music America award for inventive programming and outreach.  

About AmiciMusic:

AmiciMusic  is a non-profit chamber music organization based in Asheville, NC and Baltimore, MD, founded by pianist and Artistic Director Daniel Weiser. It is dedicated to performing chamber music in intimate venues such as private homes and non-traditional spaces, including bars, libraries, Churches, retirement homes, and more.

AmiciMusic, meaning “music among friends,” seeks to break down barriers between performers and audience through brief discussions of each composer on their programs and by promoting a relaxed and informal atmosphere at concerts in order to encourage new concert-goers to enjoy the energy of the performances and the spirit of community and camaraderie.

CLICK HERE to visit the AmiciMusic Website

Cabaret Jazz with LINDA MITCHELL on Fri Jan 16 2015 8:00pm

Our Cabaret Jazz series continues     

And Evening of Blues and Jazz” 


Ruth Cooney
Jason DeCristofaro
Danny Ianucci
Aaron Price
Duane Simpson
Micah Thomas

Tickets: $15
(Special Discount for past performers at White Horse....admission only $5 )

Linda Mitchell has a rich vocal style and eclectic tastes in music. Whatever she sings is uniquely her own but she'll share it with you. Her rock steady approach to blues and jazz guitar are the perfect backdrop for that voice of hers. She will rock you, soothe you and then break your heart. Her varied career in music includes a start as a folk singer/songwriter. Originally from Chicago and from a musical family, she grew up on the standards, singing with her family at the kitchen table. She sang harmony with her sister while washing the dishes too. Gradually she grew into a quite a jazz singer.

Linda has been singing and swinging on her Martin guitar in the Southeast for several years. She writes songs and also performs covers of standards and blues .Now she performs in cafes, clubs, and restaurants. Linda has played at Root Bar #1, The Grey Eagle, The Lobster Trap, Tressa's Downtown Jazz and Blues, Jack of the Wood,
south Creek Winery Doyle's Cedar Hill Restaurant, and many other venues around WNC from Cherokee County to McDowell County. She has performed solo, in combo's. Alone or in the company of other musicians she swings! She is a welcome addition to any venue.

PAN HARMONIA presents Sonatas for Flute, Piano and Viola on Fri Jan 23rd 2015 at 7:30pm

 $16.50 in advance
$22 at the door
($5 for Students)


Kate Steinbeck
John Ravnan
Ivan Seng 
Tonight's program includes:

  • Serge Prokofiev’s epic Sonata for flute and piano
  • American Jennifer Higdon’s riveting contemporary Sonata for viola and piano
  • Maurice Duruflé’s ethereal Prelude, Recitative and Variations for flute, viola and piano

About Pan Harmonia
Pan Harmonia is an independent repertory company based in Asheville, NC and directed by flutist Kate Steinbeck. Now in its 15th season, Pan Harmonia, has been nationally recognized for its unique work and superb artistry. We love sharing our music with audiences of all ages.

AKIRA SATAKE and DUNCAN WICKEL Appearing Sat Jan 17 2015 at 8 pm

$18 in advance
$20 at the door



This talented duo always draws large audiences at their White Horse performances.   Composer and banjo and shamisen (Japanese banjo) player Akira Satake is an inventive performer stretching pre-conceptions about the banjo.  
Multi-genre violinist Duncan Wickel is one of the rising stars in jazz fiddle and celtic fiddle.  This power duo joins forces  for an evening of kaleidoscopic original music combining World, Jazz, Celtic and Appalachian traditions.


American banjo virtuoso Tony Trischka calls Satake,
"a brilliant banjoist with a split-level passion for the fiery breakdowns of southern Appalachia and the kaleidoscopic rhythms and melodies of World Music"
Akira Satake first discovered the banjo through his older brother’s Flatt and Scruggs recordings while growing up in Osaka, Japan. After relocating to New York City in his early 20's he spent two decades honing his innovative banjo style in venues from Village clubs to Lincoln Center and Carnegie Hall. He went on to master the shamisen (Japanese banjo) in his own original style, and has made it an important part of his repertory.

Satake garnered international attention with his collection of original compositions, "Cooler Heads Prevail," and shared the 1998 German Music Critics’ Award for Best World Music Recording with Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. He has performed and/or recorded with such artists as Shawn Colvin, Nancy Griffith, Jim Lauderdale, Hazel Dickens and Tony Trischka, and produced award-winning CDs for Tim O’Brien, Mamadou Diabate, Johnny Cunningham and flamenco guitarist Gerardo Nunez.


“ a Considerable talent…[he] is as persuasive in a traditional Irish ballad as he is country fiddling or ripping through cascading classical flourishes or atonal double stops”               –The Boston Globe.
 He is doing exactly what artists do best, stretching the boundaries of his sound through experimentation and play.”                     -EDGE Boston. 

 A former native of Asheville, NC, now living and working in the heart of Boston’s thriving music scene, Duncan’s reputation has been growing quickly on a national level as a wildly diverse and highly accomplished improviser, composer and technician on the violin. He is sought after for his stylistic mastery of Jazz, Irish, Old Time and Bluegrass music, captivating audiences and fellow musicians with his creativity as well as the subtle authenticity and chameleon-like ease in which he blends and changes styles. Duncan “proves to be the standout performer, exploring his instrument more in-depth than one might have guessed one could with a fiddle.

He played his first gig with the legendary Irish guitarist and singer John  Doyle at age 14, followed by years of sporadic touring and studio collaborations with John. These opportunities opened doors for Duncan to work with such greats in the field as Liz Carroll, Mick Maloney, founding member of Solas accordionist John Williams, Sean Doyle, Compass records founders Alison Brown and Gary West and acclaimed singer songwriter Danny Ellis to name a few.

In the midst of building a solid career as a touring and recording Irish musician, and maintaining his status as classical violinist performing solo and with professional orchestras, Duncan decided to further pursue his interest in jazz and improvisational music in his teen years. By the time he moved to Boston to enroll in his first semester at the Berklee College of music, he had already become a solid improviser.
 “He is incredibly dedicated and driven to improve, both as a musician and as a violinist. He is versatile, reliable, and well-rounded in his abilities
He is without question on a path to be one of the top jazz violinists of his generation.
 -jazz violin great and Duncan’s teacher at Berklee, Christian Howes, 

Duncan has toured through the US extensively, performing in landmark venues and festivals such as the John F. Kennedy Center for Performing Arts in Washington DC (three times with different projects), the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston, the Carnival Center for Performing arts in Miami, the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival, The DC Jazz Festival, Milwaukee Irish Fest, Festival Internationale de Louisiane, ICONS festival, on the radio with Public Radio International’sMountainstage and in legendary Jazz clubs such as the Blue Note and the 55 Bar in NYC, the Bohemian Caverns in Washington, DC, and the Dakota in Minneapolis. He has also toured in the UK where he performed at the Olympia theatre in Paris, France, the Celtic Connections festival in Glasgow, Scotland and Union Chapel in London, England.

CLICK HERE to visit Duncan Wickel's website

Past Performances from 2014

Here are just a few of
the wonderful performances
at White Horse during 2014