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Our Successful Cabaret Jazz Series Returns with
Stephanie Morgan
Chuck Lichtenberg
Justin Ray
Ben Bjorlie
Jonathan Pearlman
Grant Cuthbertson

FRIDAY MARCH 21st  8:00pm

“My Favorite Things: 
A Re-imagining of Beautiful Standards”

Crybaby is improvisational, flirty, passionate, whimsical, soulful “jazz noir.” The   band aspires, above all, to connect with the audience. Crybaby will be joined at the White Horse by Grant Cuthbertson on bass and Ben Bjorlie on drums, and will feature special guest Justin Ray on trumpet and  voice.Cry Baby's  players and contributors have played with Grace Potter, Truth and Salvage Company, Michael Buble, Menage, Jonathan Scales Fourchestra, Floating Action, Jen and the Juice, and Woody Wood.

For years, Crybaby performed in the shadows of stephaniesĭd, performing at private events and giving stephaniesĭd members an excellent practice ground for honing their musical chops. Crybaby played standards at hundreds of events that required great flexibility. The band enjoyed meeting these challenges and honoring this timeless genre while always maintaining its pop sensibility and irreverence. Recently, Crybaby has begun playing more public shows in venues such as Isis, White Horse, and Tressa’s in the Asheville area, and is hungry for more.

Stephanie Morgan, Crybaby’s singer, is also a songwriter,  screen actor, voice actor, voice teacher, and video director. She has a B.A. in Psychology from Trinity University in San Antonio, and a Master’s Degree in Social Work from UNC-Chapel Hill. She was born in Des Moines, and moved to Albuquerque, Abilene, Colorado Springs, Des Moines again, and Abilene again before third grade. There was always a house to fix up, so she tagged along on home improvement errands, in the back of a station wagon, teaching herself to sing with the help of a radio speaker mashed up to an ear. She learned to make friends quickly and to trust new experiences. She began writing songs and learned to trust her ears. She entertained others. She listened to records by the Beatles, the BeeGees, Donna Summer, Bill Withers, and John Denver. Steph rooted in Asheville in the early 1990’s, looking for a pretty place to dig into music. Unsure if she could make a living at it, she also practiced Social Work for a while, working intensely with struggling populations and helping children find adoptive homes.

One night as she was trying out some new songs at an open mic at Tressa’s in Asheville, NC, pianist Joe DiFeo asked her to start a jazz band. “But I sing pop and folk songs,” she replied.
“How about you learn these 30 jazz tunes, and we’ll do a show?” he suggested, handing her a CD he burned on his computer.

Soon Chuck Lichtenberger, pianist (a music graduate of UNC-Asheville), joined the band. Steph and Chuck formed a musical team, and not long after, a romance (they married in Iceland in 2006). The band found its identity through countless gigs playing for swing dancers, where they incorporated hip-hop beats and other genre-bending elements. When the maintenance of a job, the jazz band, and also the couple’s original pop band (stephaniesĭd – hit critical mass, Steph became a full-time musician.

In the last decade, Stephanie has toured the Eastern part of the US extensively with stephaniesĭd, playing Bonnaroo, LouFest, Midpoint Music Festival, and several events at South by Southwest. That band also toured Ireland and the UK in 2012, was featured on NPR’s World Café, and appeared in Jane magazine and on Nurse Jackie with their song, “Hey Hey Hey”, a single studded with cameo appearances by notable Asheville singers. stephaniesĭd has been named “Best Of” 5 years in a row in the Mountain Xpress poll.