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HOLLANDER BLUE Appearing Sun April 6th 2014 at 7:30pm


Hollander Blue grew up on a small farm in a rural town in Massachusetts. She spent most of her childhood absorbed in the arts. She started learning classical piano at age 7 and spent time writing poetry, sketching, and enjoying time in nature. She performed often in solo piano performances, and also in band performances, playing drums, xylophone, and bells. “It was just what I did as a kid. I always loved playing.”

When it came time to pursue her college education, Hollander focused her creative abilities into the design field. "Let's just say, I was encouraged to pursue something I could get a job with." She received her 5-year bachelor of architecture degree and built a career in the design field, until falling ill in 2001.

“It was obviously a dark time in my life. Everything changed. It took a few years to sink in, but it was the catalyst that forced me to take a step back and reevaluate all aspects of my life. I had spent so much time focusing on a so-called career; I had neglected the things that were truly important to me, the things that really fed my soul. I’m thankful for such a blessing in disguise." And, so began the transformation. Hollander reignited her piano playing fire and creative writing skills and melded them into songwriting. “I began with instrumentals at first, because I really couldn’t sing. At this point, I still don’t consider myself a great singer, but I’m getting better. I sing my songs because they are my stories, my messages, and my emotions, so it just makes sense.”

Hollander Blue released her first album, Accidental Confessions, in October of 2011. “I had spent months living and travelling out west and I was filled with songs about my experiences and the people I had met.” The album is an eclectic mix of revealing and intimate songwriting, bridging the genres of folk rock, indie, and pop. The studio album was recorded during the summer of 2011 in Connecticut and is backed by instrumental arrangements with talented local musicians including Andy Buzzi, Dean Christiano, Tad Elliott, Lawrence Rothermel, and Jeff Nixon. “I was so lucky to have a great friend and well-versed musician, Andy Buzzi, encouraging me the entire way. I wanted so badly to record my songs, but I didn’t even know where to begin.”  

“I'm often asked, "When are you going to write some happy songs?” I guess it's a valid question since I'm generally a pretty happy person. I look at it this way: I don't write happy songs, and I don't write sad songs. I write real songs. I want my songs to portray the realities of life, the questions of life, the joys, the heart breaks, the unexpected moments, sometimes happy, often not.” Thought provoking lyrics are the make-it or break-it element of a song for Hollander. Surely, this is an offshoot of her creative writing endeavors. “There’s always a story to tell, but how you tell it is just as important as the story itself.”

So, what will this phase of Hollander Blue’s life bring? “My greatest dream is to be able to support myself writing music. Then, maybe I can afford some time to start painting again. Isn’t that really any artist's dream, to be able to spend your life doing what you love?”