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AN ILIAD - by THEATRE DOJO Sunday July 20th 2014 at 7:30pm

$15 in advance/$18 at the door

Theatre Dojo presents AN ILIAD, the acclaimed theatrical adaptation of Homer's ILIAD by Lisa Peterson and Denis O'Hare. In this Obie-winning adaptation, one actor and one musician interpret this enduring tale of gods, love, rage, and war for today's audience.  The role of the Poet will be played by Algernon D'Ammassa, with recorded music by acclaimed musician Randy Granger.

ALGERNON D’AMMASSA (Poet) is an actor who trained at the Trinity Repertory Company in Providence, Rhode Island. He currently teaches on the adjunct faculty of the Creative Media Institute at New Mexico State University, and works frequently in Las Cruces with the No Strings Theatre Company, and with the American Southwest Theatre Company and Frontera Rep in El Paso. 

He was a resident company member with Trinity Rep in Rhode Island, Company of Angels in Los Angeles, and has appeared on stages and tour all over the United States. 

In 2012, he was a visiting artist and teacher with the Festa Theatre in Florence, Italy. Mr. D’Ammassa’s film appearances include The Cellar Door, Last Days, Eaters, Humble Spirits, and Among the Dust of Thieves.

CLICK HERE to learn more about Algernon D'ammassa

Theatre Dojo was founded in Los Angeles in 2006 by actor Algernon D’Ammassa, screenwriter Christopher Nelson, and Santa Monica Rep Artistic Director Jen Bloom. Initially, the project consisted of classes and workshops for actors incorporating yoga, meditation, and martial arts into actor training.
It also became a community for developing interdisciplinary, collaborative theatre on social and spiritual themes. After a period of hiatus, Theatre Dojo has been revived in New Mexico, developing classes and projects in and around Las Cruces, New Mexico.


How does one take a tale older than time and freshen it up for a modern audience? Especially a tale that, under the right circumstances, can resonate just as fiercely in the 21st century as it did when it was first uttered over 3,000 years ago. Put simply, by performing it in a modern context, peppering it with modern vernacular and reminding the audience that some things, particularly the brutalities of war, never really change........... In the skillful hands of actor/director Algernon D’Ammassa the tale of heroes fighting amongst common men came vividly to life, helped along in no small measure by the equally skillful artistry of musician Randy Granger.

As the poet who has seen it all and is exhausted by the never-ending parade of human folly, D’Ammassa embodies his role expertly, spilling his guts onto the stage with an earnest devotion to his craft.

.........This is theater as it was originally conceived. Storytelling with conviction, brought about by an empathetic attention to detail and an immersion in the shifting personalities of each character played. Written with a cello score accompaniment, D’Ammassa’s decision to bring in a multi-instrumentalist of Granger’s caliber was inspired. Allowing him to improvise the backdrop with the deftness of a virtuoso muralist, only serves to deepen the impact of the cautionary tale.

........... Bravo to all for creating a memorable evening that reminds those of us addicted to fine storytelling that sometimes the oldest tales can still possess prodigious urgency.