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MICHAEL JEFRY STEVENS Appearing Monday Aug 18th 2014 at 7:30pm

Tonight We Launch a New Improvisational Jazz Series


Tickets: $8

Micheal Jefry Stevens and his jazz piano work are mainstays on the White Horse Black Mountain stage. And while improvisation is a given in jazz, Stevens’ new Open Music Seriestakes the “in the moment” component to a new level. Each concert in the monthly series will present the Lightbulb Trio Project with a different guest soloist as they explore the immediacy of the improvisational process in outside the box performances.

The Lightbulb Trio Project’s sound is built around Michael Jefry Stevens’ acoustic piano and compositional concepts, the “kitchen percussion” innovations of Rob Falvo and the “speaking trombone” of Harold McKinney. All three musicians have been active in free improvisation settings in Europe and are eager to delight American ears with the surprising and energized sounds that emerge from spontaneous collective creation.

"Improvisational music is immediate, exploratory and constantly in process. Let your ears be opened to "in the moment" musical emergence.  ." ---- Michael Jefry Stevens

The guest artist for August is guitarist Mark Guest. He credits the formation of his musical sensibility to active jazz scene in his native Toronto, where he was exposed to the city’s avant-garde/free jazz scene in the ’70s. Prior to Hurricane Katrina his musical career centered around gigs in the New Orleans and Gulf Coast region, but the destruction wreaked on Guest’s home, guitar collection and the city’s arts community prompted a realignment of priorities that included leaving the day job behind and focusing on music. It also included an eventual relocation to Asheville, where he performs to appreciative audiences in a variety of formats.