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SWEET CLAUDETTE Appearing Sat Aug 16th 2014 at 8:00pm

 Everything from Vintage Country to Motown  

$12 in advance/ $15 at the door  

Sweet Claudette is made up of members of regional favorites The Honeycutters, Now You See Them and The Moon and You. The seeds of Sweet Claudette were planted at a women's songwriter showcase in the fall of 2009. The ladies had so much fun working up tunes for the show, they decided to form a band so they could keep singing and playing together.

Sweet Claudette's captivating sound is powered by 3- and 4-part harmonies, Motown-inspired backup vocals, and an unusual combo of acoustic instruments: cello, banjo, melodica, guitar and hand percussion.

Four ladies rush the music scene in Asheville with their swanky melodies and luscious harmonies. The country/Motown supergroup, Sweet Claudette, croons through their organic lyrics and pushes the term “local” to a new meaning.
With an unconventional array of instruments and musical backgrounds, Sweet Claudette blends variety into a smooth sound. Starring Melissa Hyman, from The Moon and You, on cello; Amanda Platt, from the Honey Cutters, on banjo; Dulci Ellenberger from Now You See Them, on guitar; and songbird Amber Lyle Sims on melodica.
These ladies take four very different instruments, three specific styles of song writing and an incredible ability to harmonize and actually make it work. “We do get a lot of musical inspiration from the girl groups of the Sixties…There’s something about being a backup singer, all that shoop-shooping in three-part harmony, that I think we all find really fun and fulfilling,” said Hyman.
While their harmonies will suggest the artistic cloning of Motown-lady hotshots, Ellenberger says, “we are all so different, with such strong personalities, it’s inevitable that we’ll affect each other’s creativity. I feel inspired every time we work out a new song, impressed at our collective ability to make the most of our strengths.”
---Sophie Magazine 

Multicolored kazoos sometimes make a brief appearance as well. Their live show is collaborative, energetic and hugely entertaining. Band members pass the instruments around and switch leads, cracking up the crowd and one another.

Gorgeous harmonies, outstanding musicianship and world-class songwriting are the qualities that set Sweet Claudette apart from the crowd. What's more, they are very proud to be the only Country/Motown band they've ever heard of. 

With humor, warmth and consummate musicality, the ladies of Sweet Claudette hope to continue charming the pants off of audiences for many years to come.