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13 Secrets of Concious Manifestation Sat Oct 18th 2:00pm

The afternoon's event is a free seminar presented by KRMEL Mystery School.

Have you noticed that wayyyy too many goals, projects, ventures and organizations attempted by many well meaning people seem to fail? We have.

Do you feel that you have the skills for manifesting your goals and visions?

Join Sandeep Goel of KRMEL Mystery School ( as he sheds Light on common reasons why most have difficulty manifesting their goals. And 13 of the most critical Secrets necessary to master conscious success :

• Universal Laws of Manifestation
• Proper Goal Setting
• Creation Process
• Mastering Money
• Formulae and Process for Successful Manifestation

Our speaker Sandeep is a brother who lived on minimum wage and learnt to create massive abundance and success in everything. He has been studying and mastering manifestation skills for 28 years. He has distilled, integrated, practiced, failed, and succeeded to learn these secrets. Then, he learnt further secrets and an elegant creation process from spiritual masters. And he wants to share it with you. For he believes that there is unlimited abundance in the multi-verse!

This introduction is a condensed version of a longer 2 week course on these teachings currently offered by the Krmel Mystery School; an excellent way to get a flavor of these proven, powerful, life changing wisdom teachings.

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