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TRADE ROUTES Appearing Fri Oct 10th 2014 at 8:00pm

Tickets: $10

Trade Routes is a progressive world fusion quartet whose repertoire ranges from jazz / blues and reggae to classical and world music with a dose of progressive rock blended in. The group was formed by two uniquely talented brothers, Nathan and Brandon Dyke, who inherited a deep love of music from their father, himself a prolific singer/songwriter and instrumentalist.

After years of pursuing their own musical journeys, Nathan (on drums, percussion, guitar, vocals and numerous indigenous instruments such as the Australian didgeridoo, African thumb piano, Native American flutes and Indian tabla, to name but a few) and Brandon (on guitars, loops, effects and vocals) have joined forces as their paths have once again converged. The two extraordinary players bring their own eclectic array of styles… along with two powerful bassists, Robert Nance and Miko Amore... into the mix that is… Trade Routes.