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Benefit for DAVID CODY Thurs Dec 18th 2014 7:00pm

Suggested Donation: $12
Featuring Performances by a host of musical friends of the Cody Family including:

David LaMotte, 
Mike Gaffney, Dan Lewis,
Randy Flack, David Mann, 
Dave Foraker and The Blues Allstars, Virginia and the Slims 

David Cody is a man with a big heart, always quick to help others out.    Hard work was a way of life for David;  building, fixing, hammering, sailing, sawing.   Hard work to support his family.  Music was David's first love, but work and family came first.  Someday David hoped to return to his once promising career as a musician but in the meantime he put his hands and heart into his work.   This past October found David and his family on the way to the hospital; wondering if he'd every be able to work with his hands or play music again.

October 2014
"We just got back from the Emergency Room . David did significant damage to two fingers at work today on his table saw and was rushed by ambulance to the hospital. The Operating Room was backed up so surgery was delayed , he will see the hand surgeon again first thing in the morning. The first joints on both fingers were all but destroyed along with tendons and nerves. By the sound of things it appears there will be an extensive recovery time".     

David's many friends were saddened to read his wife's post on Facebook this past October.

David Cody is a man who works with his hands. He's a master carpenter, experienced roofer, all-around handyman who worked hard and long hours to support his family. In the flash of an eye, David's finger's were severely injured by a saw. The injury occurred while David was on a job site building an addition to a house. The flexor tendons and nerves were severed along with damage to the bones.

Three days later David underwent surgery in an attempt to repair the damage restore the use of his fingers. The recovery time is uncertain and he wont know whether he'll regain full use of his hand for quite some time.

David is the father of three daughters and one sone and  is the sole provider for his family. This will mean no income for his family for several months. He is unable to receive disability, and has no health insurance. Medical bills will be out of pocket, in addition to the loss of income. David and his family are in desperate need of your help so that they can make it through this hard time.

David's hands are more than just his livelihood......his hands are used to make music.   Many say David is one of the most talented musicians in the region.   His music is very dear to him; it's how he expresses himself, how he lifts himself up during times of struggle.    

"Everyone has something in their lives that they just flat enjoy doing above everything else. Since I was ten years old this was it for me. You might say I was born to play or it's in my blood, and you might just be right"

Nothing meant more to David than his music at one point in his life.....nothing except his family.     A full-time musicians life is time consuming and challenging.    So many years ago David made a very hard decision.  He put the musical career he loved on hold and devoted himself to his work in order to support his family.   He also devoted himself to living a meaningful life in right relation to his friends, neighbors and his God.    David continued to write songs and occasionally performed in public....often at benefits for those in needs or at church functions. 

He made countless friends along the way.    So it was no surprise that when learning of his injury, his friends immediately stepped forward with offers to help David and his family.  His musical  friends immediately volunteered to participate in a benefit concert to raise funds for the family and White Horse Black Mountain is happy to host the event. 

I'm thankful for all the Lord blesses me with every day. Family and friends and good health. I'm very thankful for the good work of Dr. Bruce Minkin, and the continued healing from my hand injury. I also would like to thank in advance all the great musician friends who are coming together on Thursday Dec.18th at The White Horse Blk Mtn for a benefit concert to help us during this time of recovery

Ironically, in recent months David had entertained ideas of beginning to put more emphasis on his  music.    His children are grown and he saw this as a time to do more of what he loved, more of what he put on hold years ago while raising a family.  But the injury to his hand has once again put a damper on his dreams for sharing his music with the public.    David is a very positive-minded person and he's learned how to  deal with adversity in the past.   He knows what's most important in life and knows that his family and his faith will see him through  this time.   Hopefully he'll someday be back on stages throughout the region, sharing his gifts, bringing joy to others, and making the world a better place through his music.

More about David Cody:
DAVID CODY was born and raised in the music rich Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina. His mother played guitar and autoharp and was his first influence. 

At the age of ten he won a school talent show playing his mothers autoharp while younger brother Tim sang. A self-taught musician, David would spend hours banging out chords on his mother's old guitar. 

At the age of sixteen David took his first paying gig when he joined his two older brothers Gary and Paul to form The Cody Brothers Band. After six years he decided it was time to branch out on his own, in search of a more original sound. It's around that time that he became very serious about his song writing.  

Some have said, "he's gifted, blessed, a very special songwriter". He is an excellent guitar player & singer, but where he is most outstanding is in his songwriting. He has the ability to reach into the heart and soul of his audience. "You wrote that just for me." is a comment heard often from his fans.His songs reflect the inner feelings of everyone. The songs give a glimpse into his heart, and the fans see this in his performance.    -Western North Carolina Songwriters Guild-

David's been through a lot since those early days, a lot of bands and a lot of miles. Through it all he has evolved into an accomplished songwriter with over 1000 songs to his credit. A versatile guitarist who can play licks that leave you asking, "Where did that come from?" David is a singer with a style all his own. It's been said "he sounds like no one else". When you see David perform live, you will know what countless others have already learned: that he truly loves to perform, and everything he does comes from the heart.

You can also support David and his family by purchasing recordings he made earlier in his life.   You'll get some fantastic music and the funds from sale of his recordings will help David continue to support his family while he recovers from his injury.
to view and purchase 
David's recordings