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BRING BACK BOOM BAP Thursday Jan 29th 2015 7:30pm

$10 in advance
$12 at the door

A totally unique evening....
Updated old-school hip-hop 
without the gangsta vibe.

For those of you who 
don't think you like hip-hop, 
this is YOUR kind of show....a chance 
to experience a different side of hip hop.

Performing will be 

Musashi Xero

Ciggy POP
Kersey Williams
Kuxxan Suum
Hamza Vandehey

"Musashi's chill lyrics and poetic, rhythmic structures hint at the deep thoughtfulness that goes into his songwriting. All of the work that he puts in comes across as sheer ease during his performances, though, as he moves through lyrics, beats, and cadences without even breaking a sweat.
- Ali McGhee, Sensible Reason

 Onto this scene comes Musashi Xero, a 24-year old powerhouse of a performer whose exterior youthfulness is matched by an interior depth rarely achieved even by people who have lived much longer lives. Xero's experiences led him to Asheville because it afforded him the opportunity to realize his dual visions of collaborating with producers and artists and leaving his distinct mark on our town.

Rather than working on a surface level of overt meaning, Xero's songs beg for a deeper level of involvement that pays off every time. My favorite song on the album, “Fossil Cruise Ghost,” is simultaneously deeply personal and profoundly beautiful. Over the flowing sounds of the track, Xero's voice is clear and uncompromising: “Lifted off the ground as I'm sifted into ash, I never asked for forgiveness.” Other songs, like “Graveyard Fields,” are undeniably Asheville-inspired, but with a touch of irreverence

Alli McGhee, Asheville Grit

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Musashi Xero