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CARRIE NEWCOMER Appearing Sat Mar 28 2015 8:00pm

$18 in advance
$20 at the door

“I love Carrie Newcomer. She writes and sings about what is most personal to her and in doing so she speaks to the wider world. Her new CD, The Geography of Light, is full of gorgeous arrangements that frame her soulful vocals, and the song ‘Geodes’ will make you catch your breath with its wisdom and beauty.”
- Mary Chapin Carpenter

“Carrie is a touchstone of authenticity in an image-driven, media-defined musical world. She is a beautiful singer and songwriter, and deeply refreshing.”   
- Rosanne Cash

Carrie Newcomer has been described as “a soaring songstress” by Billboard, a “prairie mystic by the Boston Globe and Rolling Stone wrote that she “asks all the right questions.” One of the definitive voices of the heartland and progressive spirituality, Newcomer a has the ability for sharp observation of the world.

Newcomer has attracted a devoted following with her warm voice, exquisite melodies, and an irreverent yet spiritual view of the world. As in the work of poets Mary Oliver and Wendell Berry, Newcomer’s songs are based in the ordinary, and infused with images from the natural world.

Over the course of her career Newcomer has seen a lot of the world. In the 2009 and 2011, Newcomer toured India as a cultural ambassador for the American Embassy. As a result of her time in India, in 2011 she released Everything is Everywhere, a collaboration with masters of the Indian classical sarod, Amjad, Ayaan and Amaan Ali Khan. A beautifully created fusion of East and West, the album was released as a benefit album for the Interfaith Hunger Initiative.
“Our culture reasons that because we feel there is not enough time, we should increase our pace, multitask, and fit more into our already overbooked days. But perhaps the more effective response to the limits of time is to live more fully in the moment, to savor it and expand it out in all directions.” “I am one of a growing number of people that do not want to put the sacred in such a small container.”  -- Carrie Newcomer
 In 2012, Newcomer visited and performed in Kenya, performing in primary and secondary schools, hospitals and clinics. In 2013, she visited the Middle East working with organizations dedicated to the arts and non-violent conflict resolution. Newcomer appears to have no performance and touring boundaries, as she seamlessly moves from country to country , performing in concert halls, acoustic clubs, colleges, churches, synagogues and convents; conducting workshops on vocation, arts, creative writing and progressive faith at universities, seminaries and high schools, writing and performing in theatrical productions, and volunteering for environmental and social justice fundraisers. 

She’s comfortable as an artist and speaker in venues as diverse as concerts at Carnegie Hall, the Kennedy Center, and London’s Royal Festival Hall, a humble rural school in Africa, a women’s cooperative in India, a Quaker meeting house in Ramala, a performance for at-risk juveniles inside an Ohio courtroom (with judge, parole officer and parents present), and playing and conducting a workshops inside of an Indiana women’s penitentiary.

 “To my mind - a writer’s mind- Carrie Newcomer is much more than a musician. She’s a poet, storyteller, snake-charmer, good neighbor, friend and lover, minister of the wide-eyed gospel of hope and grace. All this, and she comes with a voice that declares: “Sit down here a minute and listen.” Who could ask for more?”
- Barbara Kingsolver (Author of The Poisonwood Bible)

"Newcomer weaves faith and spirituality throughout the stories
she tells in her songs, writing about finding the sacred in the
supposedly profane; of encountering the spirit of God in places
some people say God isn't supposed to be found....It's a job
Newcomer performs with elegance, eloquence and grace."

- Cathleen Falsani, award-winning  columnist Chicago Sun-Times

Carrie Newcomer is the most insightful and lyrical singer-songwriter I know—always attuned to the still, small voice of the soul that’s so often muffled by the noise of the world. In this superb collection of new work, she engages us in a conversation about what it means to be human, vulnerable to the whole of life, learning to love. The poems to which she gives voice in these songs comprise the musical score of a life lived fully and well.
----Parker Palmer

“One of my favorite things: a new set of songs from Carrie Newcomer. With all my favorite themes contained inside new  melodies, heartbreakingly perfect production and a voice at its all-time best, I have fallen madly for this one.”
- Barbara Kingsolver (Author of The Poisonwood Bible)