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THE ODD GET EVEN Appearing Thu Jan 22rd 2015 7:30pm

Tickets:  $7

Black Mountain's The Odd Get Even carry on the eternal quest for originality and authenticity at the heart and roots of rock 'n' roll, with a sound hearkening back to its glory days.

The doctor will be in the house; led by the soulful, soaring, shimmering guitar lines of Doc Sal D'Angio - a Philadelphia native taught by jazz great Pat Martino - his sound recalls the crisp, leaping greatness of San Francisco before the jam era. The band is anchored by the solid drumming of Delaware drummer Doug Douglas whose sound evokes British Rock and Memphis-based R&B of the day. Fiercely fronted by the rhythm guitar and never give an inch/good to be alive attitude of Raleigh's Dave Landy, whose comps range from Lou Reed to Neil Young, the band never backs down from its relentless quest for truth and connection, both to listeners and the spirits of rock and roll.