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The Puppetry of ANDREW PERIALE Sun Jan 25 2015 7:30pm


Mano a Monolog
by acclaimed puppeteer 

A truly masterful and totally original performance that will touch your heart and tickle your funny bone!

"Mano a Monolog”– is a solo piece and a mix of poetic and dramatic monologs, some of which are performed with puppets. From light verse character sketch to Gothic ghost story to poignant recollection these pieces give voice to characters who are by turns comic, thoughtful, eerie, or poignant.

Tonight's performance is intended for adult audiences but is appropriate for older teens.

Sketches include:

The Disheartened Bonvivant: A young man of privilege finds that, despite his fine education and refined tastes, he is really not suited for any sort of work.

My Dear, I Think of You: In the spirit of Noel Coward, a middle-aged British widow feels truly alive at last!

The Interrogator: The most chilling thing about this man is the sympathetic, even cheerful way he goes about his work.

Kilim, Softly: A writer, sitting in a Turkish café, is inspired by the rhythms of the music playing in the background, when he re- alizes that his pencil has been flirting with the barrista!

Celestial Surprise: An older man, at a crossroads in his life, has a conversation with God—or is it a monolog?

I Must Start for Paris: Fed up with life in a small, New England town, a man decides to uproot and move to Paris. He tells his wife to pack her brushes and paints: they are departing for the land of “espadrilles and tiny underpants.”

Seraphic Dialog: A couple purchases an angel from a monastic order that is forced to sell off its goods. The benefits the Seraph conveys are less tangible than the couple had hoped. It begins to favor the wife because of her growing faith. The husband, though practically an outsider in his own marriage, also comes to understand his place in the universe.

Soft-Shelled Crabs: An old woman looks back on her life and understands the role her mother’s cooking played in it.

An Uncle’s Advice A man schools his young relatives in the value of travel and exhorts them to see the world “while you still look great without your clothes—while you still can touch your toes!”

About Andrew Periale
Andrew and Bonnie Periale (Perry Alley Theatre) have been bringing exciting, imaginative theatre to audiences for over 20 years. Their original retelling of such favorites as Tom Thumb, Snow White, and The Princess and the Pea using puppets, masks, music, and sometimes even kitchen utensils has made them a favorite with sponsors.

They are the co-founders of Perry Alley Theatre and have received two UNIMA citations for excellence in puppetry, and   been nominated for an Emmy. Their work has been supported by Puppeteers of America and the Henson Foundation, and they have been featured at regional and national puppet festivals and on New Hampshire Public Television. 

Their works for adult audiences include The Key, Chinese Take-Out Theatre, and, in collaboration with composer Larry Siegel, Strange Love.

He's been performing for over 20 years.   He and his wife Bonnie are avid supports and promoters of  the art of puppetry and produce our nation's only magazine devoted to international puppetry, Puppetry International.

About Puppetry International
Puppetry artists need audiences, and they need educated and informed audiences. They also need directors and producers with an increased appreciation for the creative opportunities to mix puppets and people in theatre, film and video. PUPPETRY INTERNATIONAL was founded in 1994 and is designed to bridge the interests of puppetry professionals and their audiences. As the lines blur among actors' theatre, mime, dance, masks and puppetry, PUPPETRY INTERNATIONAL is of interest to a continually expanding readership.

Published twice a year,PUPPETRY INTERNATIONAL is distributed to specialty newsstands nationally and is available at theatres, puppet centers and festivals.