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Red Herring Puppets ELECTRICITY! Appearing Sat Mar 21st 2015 at 2pm

Tickets: $8

The Asheville Puppetry Alliance Presents  the Red Herring Puppets production “Electricity!”, a historical, scientific, multi-cultural and fun-filled look at at civilization’s explorations into the mysteries of electromagnetic energy. Characters include scientific pioneers like Dr. William Gilbert, Benjamin Franklin, Magnus, Huang-Ti, Nicola Tesla and Thales with cameos from a host of historical figures. The show will be performed with large Bunraku style table-top puppets with narrative provided by the rhyming duo of FLOW and FLOW.

"What an amazing performance! I can honestly say I've never seen such a wonderful display of blending art elements while teaching scientific facts. I was truly impressed with your ability to capture the attention of the audience while creating a space conducive to learning science and developing an appreciation for theatrical art. It was incredibly entertaining and delightfully educational! Thank you for sharing your talents with us."

From their Asheville studio, the Red Herring Puppets troupe has established itself as a “one stop shop” for all matters pertaining to the puppetry arts. They do award-winning shows and residencies in partnership with schools and libraries as well as contemporary theater pieces aimed at adult audiences. Red Herring creations have appeared in major orchestral, theatrical and operatic productions, and they expertly fabricate puppets for film, television or virtually any other format.

 Red Herring recently earned an UNIMA citation of excellence (the highest honor in American puppetry) for their original production of “Aesop’s Fables.” They have received support from the Henson Foundation, the Puppeteers of America, the North Carolina Arts Council, and the Asheville Area Arts Council

Lisa Sturz is the Artistic Director of Red Herring Puppets.  She is an Emmy award-winning puppeteer who has worked with Jim Henson Productions, Lucasfilm, Walt Disney Imagineering, PBS, NBC, UNC-TV, the Lyric Opera of Chicago, the Indiana School of Music, the Asheville Symphony and many more. She has an MFA in puppetry from UCLA, an MA in experimental theatre from the University of Connecticut, and a BA in theatre and religious studies from Grinnell College. She is a life long student of Jungian psychology, comparative mythology, and folklore from around the world.   
CLICK HERE to learn more about Red Herring Puppets 

"Our audiences loved the shows. This Asheville-based company is simply superb (as well as very nice folk), very reasonably priced, and I would highly recommend them!" 
– Carol Rheinhardt, Gaston County Public Library

"The children were enthralled with your puppets and the stories. We appreciated how all of the stories, while separate, worked together to create one cohesive program." 
 – Erika Kosin, Rowan Public Library

"…. I could go on an on, but it was just brilliant… and I so appreciated your attention to SO many details in the various puppetry styles. You really displayed a level of creativity which is top shelf  - the script, the lyrics, the storytelling - a real tour-de-force which I truly hope will gain a national audience."
 - Timmy Abell, musician


Asheville Puppetry Alliance was founded to bring puppetry in all its forms to Western North Carolina. The organization emerged when several nationally known puppeteers settled in this area. APA was established to celebrate puppetry, an art form that is ancient, contemporary, ever evolving and enjoyed by all ages in all cultures. We promote puppetry by educating our public about the origins and development of the art form and introducing them to a variety of puppet styles. We also act as an umbrella organization for artists in Western North Carolina and beyond, to produce new works.

Since receiving our non-profit status in 1998 we have produced shows for both adult and children's audiences. In our first ten years we produced nine seasons of our Young Audience Series, held at the Diana Wortham theater in downtown Asheville, NC. The 2008-2009 season marked our tenth anniversary of providing quality educational programs and family entertainment for Western North Carolina.

The Alliance has hosted two major festivals for Puppeteers of America. The first, Puppets On the Ridge in 2004, was a regional festival for the Southeastern states. In 2006 we hosted Supersonic, the tri-regional festival, for the entire East coast of America. Other events include sponsoring Debra Brown, the choreographer for Cirque du Soliel, to lead a community based workshop on Creativity, and co-sponsoring Pamella O'Connor's Anatomy of Melancholy,an adult puppet performance.