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CAUTION: WORDS AT PLAY featuring Barbie Angell and Bob Hinkle Sat Apr 4th 2015 8pm

Tickets:  $8

Join us for a fun evening featuring poetry from Barbie Angell and Bob Hinkle plus musical selections from Bob.

It's National Poetry Month and White Horse loves celebrating this art form.

Barbie Angell is a poet, short story writer, satirist and artist in Asheville, North Carolina. Born near Chicago, Barbie grew up on a farm in Yorkville, Illinois. After her parents divorced, she was placed in Mooseheart, in Aurora, Illinois. Known as “The Child City,” Mooseheart is a home for children, sponsored by the Loyal Order of Moose, whose parents are unable to care for them.

While her first Christmas there was difficult, one of the gifts donated to her was a diary that would change her life. Since an orphanage is not a place where one can have privacy, she chose instead to hide her thoughts in poetry. Barbie’s writing flourished there. After graduation, Barbie attended a small, private school near her family. Since she had her sights set on being a lawyer since the age of six, the attention her writing garnered there was not enough to change her career choice—until her mentor, Lincoln College’s theater director Jerry Dellinger, sat her down for an honest discussion. “So here’s the thing.” Jerry said, “You want to study to be a lawyer, but that’s not right. You’re not going to ever be a lawyer no matter how much you study, because you are a writer. That’s what you’re good at and that’s what you should do.” This discussion changed her major—and her life.

In 1994, Jerry convinced her she should perform her poetry in order to grow as an artist, and Barbie gave her first live performance at the Bloomington, Illinois Barnes & Noble. In 1997, she began successfully performing at a local bar, and also started “The Open Mic That Wouldn’t Die,” which she ran until moving to Asheville in 1999. Her words took her to a poetry competition in DC in 1997 as well, where she placed 12th out of 1400 poets from around the world. Barbie has performed in coffee houses, bars, ice cream shops and outdoor venues. Her goal has always been to reach people who don’t know they like poetry, and convince them that they do. In addition to live performances, Barbie has sold over 500 copies each of three previous self-published volumes of poetry.Barbie is a writer who rhymes, and her affinity for rhyme is not surprising at all—she grew up devouring the works of Shel Silverstein and Lewis Carroll. As a child plagued with illness and severe asthma, she spent quite a bit of her childhood alone. As is often the case with writers, her love of words is derived from the fact that books were her closest friends.

Since moving to Asheville, NC, Barbie has performed her varied collection of poetry in venues ranging from coffeehouses and ice cream shops to bars and bookstores. Named a Mountain Xpress Best of WNC Poet in 2011, 2012 and 2013, she is also well known in the online community and was named a Best of WNC Social Media Personality in the 2013 readers’ poll.

And now Barbie is following in Shel’s footsteps again, with her first book of children’s poetry and illustrations, Roasting Questions, being published by Grateful Steps Publishing House in Asheville in 2013.

CLICK HERE to visit Barbie's website

Bob Hinkle
 is an Asheville native and co-owner of White Horse Black Mountain spent over 40 years in New York at the center of popular American music. Beneath his humble demeanor and casual approach is a lifetime of experiences and relationships with many of America’s finest musicians, record labels, and companies of the past half-century.

Bob has worn many hats in his career; singer ,songwriter, poet, recording artist, composer/lyricist, corporate executive, consultant, music writer, artist manager, executive producer, record label founder and president. These roles brought Bob Hinkle in contact with a virtual who's who of the music industry as he moved from concert stage to recording studio to corporate office and negotiated recording and publishing contracts, managed major recording artists, optioned literary works for film and stage, managed worldwide concert tours, negotiated licenses for feature films, television and merchandising, and administered relationships with major talent agencies.

Bob began his career as a performer while in college at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill. He was a member of a trio called The Good Earth and when he and his bandmates graduated they headed straight to New York where a recording contract awaited them with the DynoVoice label. DynoVoice released several recordings of The Good Earth including How Deep Is The Ocean, I Can See A Light, A Funny Thing Happened (Anytime), Must I Really Go Thru This Again, There's More Than One Road To Philadelphia and others.

After a couple years of touring and recording with The Good Earth including serving as the backup band for Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels, Bob released a solo recording of his own entitled Ollie Mogus.

The early 70’s found Hinkle moving more directly into the business industry of the music industry, serving as co-director of Ampex Records where his duties included making recommendations about up-and-coming young musicians like James Taylor and Creedence Clearwater Revival.

Key artists on the Ampex label during Hinkle’s tenure included Todd Rundgren, Jesse Winchester Mason Profitt, Speckled Bird, and Jesse Winchester. Bluesman Furry Lewis also released a live album on Ampex.

From 1972 to 1974, Bob consulted for Capitol Records, Albert Grossman (manager of Peter, Paul & Mary, Bob Dylan and Janis Joplin) and Audio Fidelity Records. During this time he also served as a consultant to The Band on their first live recording.

Harry Chapin who released six albums under the leadership of Hinkle.

For the next fifteen plus years, Bob Hinkle and Jeb Hart successfully managed the careers of leading pop music starts including: The J. Geils Band, Tom Chapin, Manfred Mann, Naked Eyes, Patti Lupone, Etta James and others.

.......and that's just the beginning.  Bob's career would take pages to write.    In addition to managing White Horse Black Mountain, Bob is working on publication  of a book of his poetry.