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CIGGY POP Appearing Thursday April 30th at 7:30pm


Anyone who has explored Black Mountain knows that it’s capable of surprising the visitor. The picturesque town nestled at the head of the Swannanoa Valley is also home to a large creative community producing work from the traditional to the edgy. A Colorado native by way of Florida, hip hop performer Ciggy Pop,  has made Black Mountain his base of operations, and like the town he’s a challenge to pin down. 

Ciggy’s music hearkens back to a more personal, hand-made vision of hip-hop without gangsta trappings, and his enigmatic artistic statement says he’s “trying to find the keys to nature while battling time and understanding all of the in betweens in between”. In the process he taps into styles as diverse as folk, rap, jazz, indie rock, pop, punk and more in building the beats and loops that underpin his lyrics.

 In addition to a prolific solo output, he also collaborates on projects with other local producers and artists, and with singer/ukulele player Kersey Williams performs and records as Highdrophonics. White Horse patrons will also recognize Ciggy as the man behind the sound board at the venue’s eclectic shows, an ideal spot for an artist whose sonic inspirations are far-ranging.