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An Evening of Comedy Shorts Wed May 27th 2015 at 7:30pm

Tickets:  $7

White Horse Black Mountain will be the scene for a hilarious night of adult comedy under the working title “Comedy Shorts”.

The show, intended for mature audiences, features local and guest performers doing improv and sketch comedy as well as the world premiere of three new short films.

Films being debuted include New Camp for Kids, Three Women, and Get Real Dating, and film festival favorites: Online U, High Regard, and Love What You Do will also be shown. All films were produced by Toni Sherwood and Jim Hilderbrandt with local cast and crew.

Cast for the comedy sketches includes Asheville area actorsAllen Law, Kristen Aldrich, James Allen, Paula Orr and Rigel Pawlak, and the Quad Cities’ outrageous Blacklist improv troupe is bringing its special brand of comic mayhem to the proceedings.