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HEATHER PIERSON Acoustic Trio Appearing Wed May 13th at 7:30pm

Tickets:  $8

Heather Pierson is a multiple threat: genre-crossing singer/songwriter, award-winning pianist, arranger, bandleader and performer.

Heather Pierson comes by her musical eclecticism naturally, her childhood soundtrack consisting of her parents’ wide ranging record collection, a father who played jazz clarinet and an early start on the piano, the instrument that captured her heart.

As her personal style emerged she embraced everything from New Orleans-style jazz to blues, folk style narratives to bluegrass-tinged Americana. Her voice moves seamlessly between genres, at times intimately soulful and at others searingly intense, allowing her to express herself in whatever musical dialect she chooses.

2014 saw the emergence of the Heather Pierson Acoustic Trio, in which the singer frequently backs up her compositions with compelling acoustic guitar work while accompanied by Sean Nadeau on bass and Davy Sturtevant on strings and cornet. The group's three part vocal harmonies and intricate instrumental arrangements provide a flexible vehicle for the delivery of Pierson’s songs. The trio is releasing its first EP of Pierson originals, Still She Will Fly, this month.