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SLEEPING BEE Appearing Sat May 30th 2015 at 8pm

Tickets:  $10

Sleeping Bee plays "Transcendent Acoustic" music that spans genres with a sound that is both strikingly original and hauntingly familiar.

Lindsey Horner - bass, tin whistles
Timothy Hill - voice, guitar
Andy Goessling - mandolin, guitar, dobro
Randy Crafton - percussion

Sleeping Bee is the new musical endeavor of four longtime friends and multi-instrumentalists, Lindsey Horner, Andy Goessling, Randy Crafton and Timothy Hill. Their style can best be described as “Transcendent Acoustic Alt Folk Jazz Celt Grass” and their music showcases their wide range of musical expertise and a depth of feeling gathered from years of experience.

The first instrumental recording, Heyday Maker, exists in that unique early21st century area where Folk, Jazz, Celtic song forms, melodic improvisation, and original ideas all happily co-exist and vitalize each other. The recording features original pieces by both Andy and Lindsey, one by the great Keith Jarrett, one by the also great Bob Dylan and a rethinking of two compositions by the 18th century Irish bard, Turlough O’Carolan. Lindsey plays bass and various tin whistles while Andy is heard on guitars, mandolins and bouzouki. Valued friend and percussionist, Randy Crafton, adds his artistry to the proceedings.

While Andy and Lindsey have known each other since they were teenagers, their musical careers have moved in somewhat different orbits over the intervening decades. Andy grew up in rural New Jersey and Lindsey in the heart of New York City so it is perhaps not surprising that Lindsey has been more associated with Jazz and improvised musics of that urban center while Andy has been more involved in the bluegrass and roots music scenes. They have talked for years about pooling their talents and resources and doing something together but could never quite find the right time to get that promising idea off the ground – until now. Indeed, it could be fairly said that both of these musicians have spent most of their careers making other artists sound good. This recording could be seen as their chance to have their say.

With Heyday Maker completed and released, Andy, Lindsey and Randy expanded the concept by adding singer and guitarist, Timothy Hill. Timothy is a unique artist who specializes in harmonic singing whereby two or more notes can be sung at once - as well as the more conventional types of singing.