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Tickets:  $10

Guitarist extraordinaire ZuZu Welsh is no stranger to the White Horse stage, having pulled together amazing multi-artist benefits and tributes over the past years. 

On Saturday, June 6 at 8 p.m. he’ll have a chance to put his own music front and center at the White Horse Black Mountain with The ZuZu Welsh Band. 

The evening will also feature popular local singer/songwriter Jimmy Landry

A portion of the proceeds benefits Wheels 4 Hope, a charity that repairs used vehicles and returns them to the community to provide reliable transportation for low-wage families and individuals.

The Zuzu Welsh Band is comprised of Dana Koone on drums, percussion and vocals; Abbot Grivich on electric and acoustic guitars, cowbell and vocals; Johnny Haisman on bass; new addition Ryan Barber on vocals; occasionally the wonderful Jen Wo on vocals, guitar and whatever else; and Zuzu Welsh on electric and acoustic guitars and vocals. Together the band has over 60 years of experience playing original and classic rock, blues and country music in front of audiences of all sizes. 

Zuzu Welsh has been playing guitar since the 1970s, performing in a variety of bands doing everything from traditional mountain music to hard-edged rock and roll, with artists as diverse as Dulcimer Dan, Harlequin Jones, Avatar, The Edible Wild, Coyote, Reality In Exile, Jigawatt, SouledOut, Southern Express, Saturday In The Park, The Zoodles, Pipapelli and now with his own band. He also has guested with the likes of Chuck Berry, BB King, BJ Leiderman and Jeff Thompson. 

Most of the original material the band does was written by Zuzu, and comes from the most recent release, The Road Less Traveled, as well as from earlier projects. Dana Koone has been playing drums for 9 years, in a variety of bands performing Americana, rock and blues. Dana also served in our armed forces as a member of the United States Marine Corp, in Iceland, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. He plays traditional kit as well as cajon and djembe. Johnny Haisman plays bass from a background in hardcore metal music. He confesses to an unusual fascination with aliens. He has been playing the guitar and bass for longer than he can remember, as he attributes his mad skills on stringed instruments to a long-ago interaction with aliens who taught him to play. Abbot has been playing for more than a decade, and brings a country flavor to our music. In fact, he spends most of his spare time listening to George Jones and crying into mugs of lukewarm Pabst Blue Ribbon beer. He also plays lead guitar with One-Eyed Willie.

Ryan is a fairly regular performer around Asheville, appearing at the Tuesday night Funk jams, local blues jams, with his wedding band Orange Krush and occasionally performing his originals. He brings to the band an excellent voice and stage presence, a great personality and attitude, and the opportunity to pull in some really great material that works with his voice. Together, the band brings a tight solid sound to the stage with a keen ear towards adjusting to what the audience is enjoying, while presenting the mixture of cover and original material. With top-notch musicianship, well-crafted originals and a collection of cover tunes you are sure to enjoy, the band’s primary goal is for the audience to have a great time.

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