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THE IAN RIDENHOUR BAND Appearing Thu Oct 22nd 2015 at 7:30pm

Tickets:  $8

According to jazz legend Jimmy Cobb, 

"in a couple of minutes, he's gonna be a monster!"

Did you ever wonder what some of today's top musicians
 sounded like when they were young?   

 Did you ever wish you could've heard a rising star 
when they were still a teenager?

Ian Ridenhour appears poised for great things in the world of music.  He's already accomplished a heck of a lot in his 15 years.    Singer, Composer, Keyboardist, Drummer......and all around great performer.

Originally from North Dakota, Ian relocated to the Asheville area and has hit the ground running.  He's assembled a band of some of the areas top players including Jake Wolf on bass and James Kylen on percussion.   His father, Jaimeson Ridenhour nails down the guitar.

Since joining the African drumming group Djoliba Jr. at age four, Ian has expanded his musical accomplishments to include rock, funk, jazz, classical, and choral music. A multiple award-winning performer, Ian played in a number of bands on the Bismarck music scene, including Blind Mice, Hex Radio, and Tigirlily, and he regularly performs as a solo artist and bandleader. Ian was nominated in three categories at the 2015 North Dakota Music Awards--Best Percussionist, Best Keyboardist, and Best High School Band (which he won!)

 His new album Quietly Making Noise is out now.

Here's a clip of Ian's previous band up in North Dakota.