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THE RURAL ACADEMY THEATRE Rolls Into Town on Sat Oct 10 2015 at 8pm

$12 advance /
$15 at the door

Join us for a very unique evening of vintage entertainment.   There was a time in history when entertainers where an itinerant band of travelers performing wherever they could find an audience.  They traveled from town to town by wagon and set up in vacant fields performing for the rural folk.

The Rural Academy Theater is a collaboration of individuals, two-legged & four creating theater for primarily rural audiences in response to the growing urbanization of our culture, economy, food, education, media, & art.

Their annual horse-pulled tour brings performers, musicians, sculptors, & dancers to town greens, college campuses, theaters, riverbanks, & farms via horse pulled wagon & bicycle power. They perform evenings of original theater under the stars or clouds using their wagon as their stage followed by a healthy dose of classic silent cinema accompanied by the Rural Academy Orkestar.

The group encounters a range of human reactions on the road — some scornful, some delightful. Harrell says, “You also get your incredibly generous people who can’t believe that you’re doing what you’re doing. They invite you in and make you scratch biscuits and hot cocoa, and then ask you to spend the night. It’s a real mix, but mostly it’s really rewarding. … It’s incredible, generous people who are excited about what we’re doing.”

Traveling by horse and wagon is as much a part of the performance as the show. When a caravan rolls into town, it’s certainly a show-stopper. Harrell explains that a full day of travel for his troupe is 15 miles, so they attempt to perform at just about every other stop. Harrell would like people to come to the show closest to them, preferably by foot, bike or, er umm, horse.