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Movies That Matter: BLUE GOLD World Water Wars Thursday Dec 10th 2015 at 7:00pm

Our New Monthly Film Series



World Water Wars

based on the book 
Blue Gold: 
The Fight to Stop the 
Corporate Theft of the World’s Water

Thursday December 10th

Tickets Only  $6

This award winning film examines environmental and political implications of the planet's dwindling water supply, and posits that wars in the future will be fought over water. The film also highlights some success stories of water activists around the world and makes a strong case for community action

The opening sequence, a dramatization of a man’s journey across the desert without water, ends by mentioning the effects of extreme dehydration: bleeding from the eyes. The assertion also made at this point is that it’s not about saving the Earth, it’s about saving us. Without adequate fresh water, we will all be struggling to simply survive, never mind buying a latte or filling the jacuzzi…

Based on the ground-breaking book by Maude Barlow and Tony Clarke, Executive Produced by Mark Achbar (THE CORPORATION) and Si Litvinoff (THE MAN WHO FELL TO EARTH), narrated by Malcolm McDowell, BLUE GOLD: WORLD WATER WARS sheds light on the world’s rapidly approaching water crisis and suggests that wars of the future will be fought over water, as they today over oil, as the source of all life enters the global marketplace and political arena. The world’s fresh water is disappearing. As we pollute and waste away our very limited supply, corporate giants are working to make the building block of our globe a commodity, privatizing developing countries’ fresh water. In the midst of this, military control of water is rising, setting the stage for world water wars. 

This international award-winning film follows various examples of people fighting back against the powers that be - from grade school protests to court cases to revolutions. As the specters of drought and death loom, the film finds people willing to risk everything for their right to water, their right to survive. Past civilizations have collapsed from poor water management. Can the human race survive?  

 In every corner of the globe, we are polluting, diverting, pumping, and wasting our limited supply of fresh water at an expediential level as population and technology grows.  The rampant over development of agriculture, housing and industry increase the demands for fresh water well beyond the finite supply, resulting in the desertification of the earth. 

Corporate giants force developing countries to privatize their water supply for profit. Wall Street investors target desalination and mass bulk water export schemes. Corrupt governments use water for economic and political gain. Military control of water emerges and a new geopolitical map and power structure forms, setting the stage for world water wars. In BLUE GOLD: WORLD WATER WARS, based on the book of the same name, we follow numerous worldwide examples of people fighting for their basic right to water, from court cases to violent revolutions to U.N. conventions to revised constitutions to local protests at grade schools. 

As Maude Barlow proclaims, “This is our revolution, this is our war”. A line is crossed as water becomes a commodity. Will we survive?

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Our new film series, 
Movies That Matter, 
is curated by 
Katie Kasben

Katie Kasben is a storyteller, but mostly a listener, and strives to be a bridge between current culture and ancient wisdom. She has been a teacher, actress, event planner and once sang at a night club in Beijing before managing a hospitality suite at the Olympics. Katie has been a staff member for local and international film festivals and brought the 48 Hour Film Project to Asheville.
 She has her M.A. in International Communications from Macquarie University, in Sydney, and has spent meaningful time in the Central Desert of Australia working with Tjilpi, an Anangu Elder, and the effects of the "Intervention" on Traditional Owners of that land. She is accompanied on this life journey with her husband Brian Loftin who is a practitioner of Biodynamic Cranio-Sacral work

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