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Warren Wilson College Puppetry Slam Thur Dec 17th 2015 at 7:30pm

($5 for WWC students and Staff)

Enjoy an evening of wacky, humorous, political, satirical, sensitive, fantastic, imaginative, goofy, poignant, personal, unconventional, striking and socially relevant puppet theatre.

Warren Wilson College has featured a special course in puppetry this semester taught by award winning puppetmaster, Lisa Sturz of Red Herring Puppets. Students created short-form pieces in several puppet genres including shadow puppetry, hand puppetry, marionettes, and toy theatre. 

Performers include Emily Defield Bader, Laura Untz, Selena Tosh Whitehead, Stephen Fenstermacher, Micaela Strickland, Shanon Waldman, and Michael Mamary.

Don’t miss these unique performances……where dreams come true……