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TWILIGHT: Roberta Baum, Bill Bares, Steve Alford Appearing Mon May 30th 2016 at 7:30pm

$10 in advance

$12 at the door

Twilight: the blue hours where the sun lies just below the horizon. A mystical place between day and night, sleeping and waking, shadow and substance, science and superstition. Obscured vision leads to heightened perception of hues, auras, and sounds. Twilight, a new collective composed of veteran improvising musicians Roberta Baum (vocals), Steve Alford (reeds) and Dr. William Bares (piano) paints acoustic and electronic sonic silhouettes evoking the expectant hum of morning and the breathless hush of evening. Their musical journeys to The Twilight Zone present acoustic and electronic subtleties that bewitch audiences with new dimensions of sound, mind, and imagination.