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TEEN BANDSTAND featuring The Ian Ridenhour Band and more Sunday Jun 26th 2016 at 6pm

$7 for teens
$10 for adults

When young musicians are ready to spread their wings there’s no substitute for getting onstage to sharpen presentation. The White Horse Black Mountain provides that opportunity on Sunday, May 29 at 6 p.m. when the Ian Ridenhour Band and other rising teen players take the stage.

Ian Ridenhour writes smart, piano-driven alternative rock music with pop sensibilities and a dark streak, or as Sav Buist of The Accidentals puts it: “like Jack White and Ben Folds had a baby.”

Ian Ridenhour, who just celebrated his sixteenth birthday with a musical blowout, is already a veteran player. While still in his pre-teens he was winning awards on the Bismarck, North Dakota music scene for his solo work and his playing with the bands Blind Mice, Hex Radio and Tigirlily, developing impressive rock, jazz, funk and classical chops along the way. 

Upon moving to the Asheville area he quickly drew the attention of local favorites BJ Leiderman and David LaMotte, who notes that “Ian Ridenhour manages to write and perform songs that are accessible and relevant to adults and his peers while remaining authentic to who he is as young man exploring his own identity in relation to the world around him…It is thrilling to watch an artist begin a public career with as much promise as Ian’s”.