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WORLD FUSION CONCERT featuring KEVIN SPEARS and Friends on Fri Aug 26th 2016 at 8pm

$10 in advance
$12 at the door

K. Spears Production presents an unique unforgettable night of 


 blending global cultures 

Music from around the world exerts wide cross-cultural influence as styles naturally influence one another,  world fusion incorporates the global spectrum of indigenous culture and arts mixing with the global sounds of today.

Traditional music,indigenous music, neotraditional music, global fusion, ethnic fusion, and worldbeat are all terms referring to this emerging genre of music blending elements of culture from many lands.

White Horse is thrilled to be able to present this evening of world class entertainment for your enrichment and enjoyment !!!!

Featured Performers Include:

  • Afro-Beat and Beyond ---- Kalimba, vocals, percussion 
  • West African ensemble featuring members of Toubab Krewe  ---Djembe, Kora, Kamelngoni, guitars, vocals
  • Tribal Fusion Dance
  • Australian Didgeridoo


Kevin Spears 
 internationally acclaimed kalimba player, vocalist and one-man ensemble  who's music is a refreshing yet healing mix of folk, dance and world groove.

Hailed as one of the best kalimba players alive today, Spears' breathtaking ability on this traditional African instrument is accompanied by an other-worldly array of other musical instruments.

 His music will move your feet and stir youre soul.

AfroPop WorldWide states: "Spears utilizes the traditionalAfrican instrument and tweaks it to create a soulful, funky sound that would make Stevie Wonder smile."

(french for "The Friends") is an Asheville NC band who specializes in West African/Ivory Coast traditional dance music and Afrobeat. Individually each member is an accomplished musician in their own right and have performed nationally and internationally including two members being a part of the famed musical group Toubab Krewe. However when they come together it is a musical experience you wont soon forget. So definitely bring your dancing shoes.
Members include: Ryan Reardon -bass, vocals, Adama Dembele -djembe, lead vocals, Justin Perkins -kora, kamelngoni, guitar and percussion, Drew Heller - guitar, vocals.

is a gifted dancer in the art of Tribal Fusion Dance who has travelled the globe learning and living life through the world of creative dance.

Growing up in Taipei Taiwan, her travels to exotic places including India, Bali, Kenya, Egypt, Ethiopia and Israel among others has left an indelible mark on her ability to create expressions of beauty through the idiom of dance.

is a sonic renegade on the ancient Australian instrument didgeridu (didgeridoo).

John fell in love with this mysterious and primal instrument many years ago and has performed across the U.S, Australia and Europe playing a style that ranges from ethereal organic ambience to live Drum-n-Bass believe it or not.

Sit back and be entranced by the music of John Vorus.