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CONCERT FOR KAT: A Fundraiser for KAT WILLIAMS Saturday Sept 10th 2016 at 7:30pm

$18 in advance

$20 at the door
No person is more loved and beloved in Western North Carolina than 
Kat Williams.   

Her vocal talent is exceeded only by her huge heart and spirit of giving to others.   

Now it's time for the community to give back to one who has given so much to help others.

The Asheville-based jazz and blues singer has been diagnosed with End Stage Renal Disease (Stage 5 kidney disease). She is on a critical path to get on a list for a kidney transplant.

Jason DeChristofaro is working with White Horse to put on a wonderful fundraiser for Kat on Sat Sept 10th

The event will feature:

Peggy Rastusz
Paula Hanke
Rhoda Weaver
Daniel Barber
Franklin Keel
Ryan Barber
Jason DeCristofaro
Rick Dilling 
Jonathan Pearlman
Cameron Austin 
Actors from the prestigeous NYS3 Studio

plus special appearance by


Herb Way is a friend and admirer of Kat Williams
Herb is also a gifted photographer and has offered
a couple of matted photos of Kat from her
past performances at White Horse
as items to be raffled at the event.
As a special bonus,

Herb visited with Kat last week and
Kat signed the photographs !!! prepared to purchase raffle tickets 
at the event to help raise even more 
funds for Kat's medical expenses.

Additional Donations


White Horse strongly encourages you to support Kat 
with a generous donation in addition to your purchase of tickets.
Donations will be accepted at the fundraiser .....and/or...

you can donate on-line today by visiting the 

Additional Info from "Friends of Kat Williams"

Our wonderful friend has been battling this difficult disease privately for awhile, but the time has come to let you know, because we know she will be lifted by your loving support and prayers. Over the past few months her kidney function has decreased to 13%, and she is easily fatigued, visibly thinner, and suffers with edema, nausea and lethargy associated with End Stage Renal Failure.

With the support of her loving partner, Patrice, Kat has been working to address her kidney disease for the past year through homeopathic medicine and therapies in hopes of reversing or slowing the disease. Its progression is devastating to someone who not only is an amazing and soul-lifting singer, but a go-to resource for many nonprofit organizations.

Just as the name indicates, this is now a time-sensitive medical situation. She is being cared for by doctors at Mountain Kidney and Hypertension Association in Asheville. Dr. Pruitt and his amazing staff will be working with Duke Kidney Transplant Program and Emory University Healthcare Kidney Transplant Program in hopes of getting her on the kidney transplant list soon. Says Dr. Pruitt: “ Kat is young, and I think she'll be able to receive a kidney transplant soon if she has a living donor."

Even with health insurance, Kat and Patrice will face a mountain of debt with the loss of Kat’s income and medically- associated costs not covered by insurance. Her mounting fatigue prevents her from performing the lively concerts that have captured the hearts of fans all over the East Coast. (But, Kat being Kat, she still sings at two worship services every Sunday at her church, Unity of the Blue Ridge).

“It gives me strength to give back,” she says. Through the years, Kat has performed gratis at hundreds of charity events. Now, ironically, the community is organizing to give back to her, as she becomes the focus of a fund-raising campaign organized by friends, musicians and our community.

The major goals of the campaign are to: (1) Find a donor!!! (2) assist Kat with transportation and lodging to and from Emory Hospital in Atlanta and Duke University Hospital, and (3) help with medical costs of the transplant, anti-rejection medicines, and living expenses, so that Kat can just concentrate on her medical treatment and her healing, and then get back to serving the community she loves.

We know you wonder, “How can I help?”: SPREAD THE WORD, volunteer at the event if you would like, send prayers or emails, or feel free to phone her.

Can we count on your support?

Kat: "It’s very hard for me to say, but I need help from my community."

Kat would appreciate your words of encouragement and love!