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Take Two Jazz featuring TIM DOYLE and BILL BARES Mon Sept 12th 2016 at 7:30pm

Tickets:  $12

Tim Doyle is a 23-year veteran of the guitar and holds degrees from the University of North Carolina Greensboro and Indiana State University. He has worked as a professional performer and music educator in Austin, Texas, and throughout the Midwest for the past fifteen years.
 Tim is also an active composer, and recorded and produced a CD of original compositions for guitar in 2009. As an educator, Tim has worked as a private guitar instructor and served as the director of the Terre Haute Guitar Club, a group guitar program based on his work with Robert Fripp, Guitar Craft , and Guitar Circles.

 Tim also developed and directed the summer Jazz camps and the annual resident Rock Camp for the ISU Community School of the Arts. Tim has also served as a bandleader and member of several local and touring groups, including The Leonard Washingtons and Lunes Domingo.

William Bares completed his PhD in ethnomusicology in 2009 at Harvard University under the mentorship of Ingrid Monson, Harvard’s Quincy Jones Professor of African American Music. He is currently teaching jazz harmony and improvisation at Harvard and working on a book entitledEternal Triangle: American Jazz in European Postmodern. His scholarly career has been devoted to refining a framework for the study of historical and contemporary transatlantic jazz. This website is a reflection of his evolving interdisciplinary and international perspective.

He is also a bandleader and multi-instrumentalist (piano, trumpet, drums, guitar, ukulele) who has played professionally for many years. Much of his performing has taken place overseas, where he has shared stages with some of the biggest young stars of the European jazz scene. He continues to maintain strong musical connections to Berlin and Oslo, where he did extensive fieldwork; Omaha, his hometown; Miami, where pursued his Master’s degree from 1996-1999; Boston, where he also directed Harvard’s graduate school big band for several years; and New York, his current residence.

As a scholar, and in dialogue with the Harvard Group for New Music (HGNM), Bares continues to probe the boundaries between composition and improvisation. Inspired equally by jazz, minimalism, and African akadinda and balafon music, he has explored ways to integrate shifting improvised right and left-hand ostinatos into his solo and group playing. This technique can be heard in his live recording Evanescent, which was featured in an hour-long program entitled “New Music at Harvard” on German public radio (Deutschlandfunk).

From Dr Bill Bares:
First of all, I love the sound and feel of their piano.
Second, I felt that a series that puts WNC's A-list jazz musicians out front, alone, with just piano accompaniment, would spotlight their individual artistry in a valuable way. We plan on recording performances and releasing them as a series patterned after Concord's "Live at Maybeck" piano series.

Last, I thought that holding such a series on a Monday at 7:30 would make it noncompetitive with other jazz offerings in the area. That time slot sends the message: "it's all about the music," which I am confident you will find phenomenal. For the roster I have selected area musicians (one different instrument each month) with substantial fan base, individuality and with whom I have a good rapport. I am looking forward to widening this circle in subsequent years.

Past Participants Include:
Andy Page (guitar)
Billy Cardine (dobro)
Brian Felix  (piano)
Brian Felix (keyboards)
Hong Waltzer (guzheng) + Greg Waltzer (electronics)
Jacob Rodriguez (saxaphone)
Jason DeCristofaro (vibraphone)
Jonathan Scales (steel drums)
Justin Ray (trumpet)
Lyndsay Pruett (violin)
Matthew Richmond (vibraphone)
Michael Holstein (bass)
Michael Jefry Stevens (piano)
Michael Libramento (guitar, bass, percussion)
Michael W. Davis ( percussion)
Patrick Lopez (trumpet)
Richard Shulman (piano)
Rick Simerly (trombone)
Rockell Scott (vocals)
Russ Wilson (vocals)
Serpentine Arborvitae (vocals)
Zack Page (bass)