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An Evening of Sound and Light featuring JONN SERRIE and RICHARD SHULMAN on Sat Oct 15, 2016 at 8pm

$18 advance
$20 at the door

Using acoustic piano, synthesizers and lasers, 
Jonn Serrie 
Richard Schulman  
conjure up meditative aural and visual worlds 
that encourage the mind and spirit to explore 
beyond the earthbound.

 “My music exists to help us explore a sense of ourselves and our place in the universe”, says Connecticut-born Jonn Serrie.

Jonn Serrie is an American composer of space music, a genre of ambient electronic music, and New Age music. Jonn Serrie's visionary compositional skills have revolutionized today's contemporary electronic music. He creates a unique approach by combining the timeless depths of space with spiritual musical vision, spanning the universe.

He has recorded at least 18 albums and worked on projects for Lucasfilm, IMAX Corporation, NASA, the United States NavyHayden Planetarium, Expo Seville, and CNN.

Leading planetarium composer Serrie has been looking to the heavens for inspiration for over a decade. Coming from a family ensconced in the aviation field, Serrie now soars and glides with his hands on the controls of analog and digital synthesizers. His rhythmic outings often have an understated heroic feel, although he has also done some more pop-oriented instrumentals on his 1990 release Tingri. However, he seems most at home in the longer-form space-music journeys for which he initially became known.
---- Linda Kohanov

Richard Shulman trained in both the jazz and classical fields, recording 25 albums under his own name and contributing playing and compositions to many others. He currently divides his concert efforts between performances of his meditative music and original jazz. Shulman intends his music to be “a positive influence for himself, audiences, and society”, and bringing beauty into the world is his driving passion.

Keyboardist and composer Richard Shulmancreates music intended to be a positive influence for himself, audiences and society.

Richard Shulman’s spiritual journey has been lifelong and has led him to seek the Divine in everything and everyone he meets. Studies in music and spirituality with some extraordinary teachers, interactions with others and God’s Grace have opened a gradual maturation of Divine connection and expression.

A Musical Soul Portrait session in 1996 initiated a project working with the energies of Camelot to create a musical map of dreams coming true, including healing and empowerment. This process resulted in a CD, a video and eventually a theatrical musical developed between 2006 and 2012.

Since that time Shulman has continued to integrate Spirituality and Music (both Jazz and Meditative) and to aim to maintain a Spiritual Life in the midst of everyday living, in relationship, through teaching, performance, recording, writing, business and through sharing what he knows.

Richard has recorded 25 of his own albums as well as more than two dozen other recordings for which he has provided compositions, performances and/or musical production. Trained in the classical and jazz fields, he has developed a heartfelt language in these genres while focussing a significant amount of his output on music for meditation, healing and inspiration. He currently divides his concert schedule between performances of his meditation music and his original jazz as personified by the Richard Shulman Trio.

Shulman has performed at the Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall, Art Park, the United Nations, the Kool Jazz Festival, The Amenia Peace Festival and a wide variety of other venues throughout North America and in Europe.

As a composer, Shulman has created over sixty five pieces for jazz quartet as well as songs and pieces for chamber ensembles, choir, and symphony orchestra. In 1986 and 1987 he composed music for orchestra and jazz quartet during residencies at the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts. From 1986 through 1995, Shulman was the principal composer for “Theatre of the Heart,” a cooperative of dancers, singers, and musicians dedicated to fostering community and the environment. Commissions include a piece for the Amherst Saxophone Quartet, and “May Peace Prevail on Earth” for singers, symphony orchestra, three choirs, and jazz quartet, created for the World Peace Prayer Society. In addition, he has created hundreds of ‘Musical Soul Portrait‘recordings for individuals, couples, and groups.

Born and raised in Niagara Falls, New York, he began piano lessons at age seven. As a teenager Richard played organ at various churches, was the music counselor at a summer camp in Canada, and joined a rock band with future jazz recording artists Thom Rotella and Bobby Previte. Shulman graduated from the University of Rochester with a double-major Bachelor’s degree in music (piano performance) and psychology while continuing to perform with Previte in the jazz-fusion band Thermopylae.

In 2013, Shulman returned to and enhanced his own musical stream of healing and Divine Alignment with the production of a new album entitled “Bliss of Being.” Although he has created eight albums of music for healing previously, these were all solo recordings, and “Bliss of Being” is his first ensemble recording with an intent of music for healing and divine connection. Shulman plays mostly piano on “The Bliss of Being” and a little synthesizer, and is joined by Adriana Contino – cello, Dielle Ciesco – vocals, Kate Steinbeck – flutes, and Bob Hinkle – crystal bowls to form The Pure Heart Ensemble. Bliss of Being was nominated for a Zone Music Reporter award in the “Best New Artist” category, tracked at #11 for two months on the ZMR chart and has been #1 on Music Direct’s “Soundscapes” twice and in their top 20 for over a year.

Let these two talented guides 
take you on a unique journey 
of sound and light, of soul and spirit.