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FULL MOON FARM MUSIC FESTIVAL Happening Sunday Oct 9th 2016 at 7:00pm


White Horse Black Mountain has hosted over 50 benefits 
for worthy causes and non-profits over the past seven years.  
But none is dearer to our hearts than the work done by

 Full Moon Farm 
Nancy Brown

Full Moon Farm is an organization dedicated to the well being of the wolfdog (or wolf hybrid).  

Nancy and her team of dedicated volunteers provide care  for abused and refused wolfdogs who find themselves in need of love, shelter, and care through no fault of their own. 

The non-profit operates on a shoestring budget to do what no one else does......   provide a life for these precious members of creation.    

This event will be a major fundraiser to help get them through the winter and 
and to 

Several Bands and Musicians are donating there time and talent.

Food will be provided by Black Mountain locals Grateful Roots Food Truck

More about the event

Winter is coming and Full Moon Farm needs to make sure that they have enough funds to see them through the sometimes brutal and unforgiving winters on the mountain. Home to 60+ wolfdogs and some close cousins, Full Moon Farm is a 501(c)3 non-profit sanctuary for those animals that, unless they're taken in by refuges like Full Moon Farm, face certain death or lives of complete neglect, abuse and sorrow. 

Nancy Brown, founder and CEO of Full Moon Farm has created a safe haven for these animals, providing top notch veterinary care, shelter, the necessary special diets and the love and security these beautiful animals need. 

As a renowned expert/educator on Wolfdogs, Nancy has saved many of these myth-understood animals from the brink of disaster, relying on wolfdog sponsorships, donations and an occassional small grant for her lifes work. With her dedicated cadre of volunteers, these animals have something that most of them have never known, respect, compassion and care.

Raffle Tickets will also be sold at the event to help raise funds for this most worthy organization

Schedule of Performers

Mark Tebalt 7:00
Happenstance 7:35
Sources 8:10
Mitch Hayes Trio 8:45
Donnie Nivens 9:20
Rockafellers 9:55
176 10:30
Shotgun Gypsies 11:05

More About Full Moon Farm:
Full Moon Farm is an organization dedicated to the well being of the wolfdog (wolf hybrid). Situated on 17 beautiful mountain acres in Black Mountain, NC, we operate as a federally recognized 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization for abused and refused wolfdogs who find themselves in need of love, shelter, and care through no fault of their own.

Full Moon Farm provides a safe haven for animals that cannot be placed into homes for the rest of their lives. Our rescued wolfdogs come from animal control agencies, closed breeding situations and occasionally, an owner in crisis. We evaluate each animal upon intake and work with them at their level of comfort. Some animals are "hands off" and we respect their choice, as well as that of the animals that crave human interaction. Our goal is to enrich the lives of the residents, allowing them to reach their highest potential. Your support by donation or sponsorship makes our task possible.

Though they may be abused or neglected, homeless because of death or divorce, they are all God's Creatures and worthy of a lifetime of respect. We are here to serve them.

Click HERE to visit the Full Moon Farm website

CLICK HERE to visit the Full Moon Farm Facebook page for more great info, videos, and photos.

What is a Wolfdog?

A wolfdog is a dog with recent wolf heritage. That is, a wolfdog has a pure wolf ancestor within the last five generations. (That would be the wolfdog’s great-great-great grandparent.)

Note: Though many people still use the term "wolf hybrid," this is not an accurate term. A ‘hybrid” is the offspring of two different species. Following reclassification of the dog by taxonomists in 1993, the domestic dog (canis lupus familiaris) is actually viewed as a domestic variant of the gray wolf (canis lupus). Yes, even your Chihuahua.

How much wolf do they have in them?Most people, when they ask this question, want to know the percentage of wolf in the wolfdog – 90%? 50%? 25%? Unless you know the animal’s heritage for many generations back, there is no way to tell for sure. People who work with wolfdogs are more concerned with wolf content. This is usually determined by phenotyping, making an educated guess based on various physical and behavioral traits. Content can vary between animals from the same litter. For instance, Ramses and Sugar Bear are littermates, but they look and behave very differently: same percentage, different content.

What are they mixed with?Most of the wolfdogs we see are mixed with German Shepherd Dog, Alaskan Malamute and/or Siberian Husky. People want wolfdogs that look “wolfy,” and these breeds most resemble their wild cousins.

Where do they come from? Do people actually breed them?People actually breed them. There are some ethical, responsible breeders out there. They keep accurate and honest records, are particular about what they breed into their lines, evaluate and educate potential buyers carefully, and take back the animals they sell if they do not work out, for whatever reason. Unfortunately, such breeders are rare. Most of them do not care what type of temperament or health problems may be in their lines, often misrepresent the heritage of the animals, will sell to anyone who shows up with the purchase price and, once the sale is done, that’s that. If the buyer has a problem or can’t keep the animal, too bad. And that’s when the wolfdog ends up in rescue.

Aren’t they really wild animals? Shouldn’t they be running free somewhere?Wolfdogs are not wild animals. They are domestic animals with special needs. They were created by humans, and they depend on humans for food and protection, and often for companionship. A person who dumps his wolfdog in the woods, believing it can take care of itself, is sentencing that animal to fear, confusion, loneliness, and a death by starvation, disease, attacks by other animals, or a bullet.