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Peruvian Visionary Painter: Mauro Reategui Perez with Lois Chazen Sat Oct 15th 2016 at 1:30pm

Tickets: $8
KIDS FREE! Healthy snacks and juice served!

Mauro Reategui Perez 
(Peruvian visionary painter ) 

Lois Chazen 
( Author of The Key: Truths of the Universe )

Lois Chazen  will be reading from her newly released book,
"The Key: Truths of the Universe" 
All messages in this book were received and transcribed by her dear friend Bobbie Tyler from 1983-1986. Bobbie gifted Lois the rights to recreate "The Key" before she passed in 2013. Bobbie's Spirit is always with Lois, while "The Key: Truths of the Universe circulates in the World."  

CLICK HERE to visit Lois Chazen's website

Mauro Reategui Perez will spend approxiamately 3 hours painting while teaching his techniques as a Shamanic Jungle Visionary Artist!     He paints with Mother Ayahuasca.

Mauro is here from Peru until October 20th. 
 He will then continue his journey teaching throughout the world. He is available for Shamanic Visionary Art teachings while in the Asheville area.  

The love offering for this event with Mauro is $8.00.  

The Key:Truths of the Universe 
will be for sale and personally 
signed by Lois Chazen. 

Bobbie Tyler was the receiver and transcriber, from 1983 to 1986, of the messages in The Key: Truths of the Universe. She stated: “In the last series of messages, I was told that it was the dawning of a new beginning.”

My dear friend Bobbie gifted me rights in 2012, to recreate A BEAUTIFUL BOOK from a spiral bound paperback book of The Key (copyright 1987) she originally created.

It is my honor to bring these life-altering messages out to the world (Bobbie's Spirit moved on in 2013). This was a 3 year project for me: restructuring, editing, and beautifying. I am grateful for the support from wonderful friends--including Karen Richardson Dunn who wrote the review (on the back cover):

“The Key is a remarkable dance of words, interweaving ancient spiritual principles into a coherent unity–a Divine wisdom that can be applied to the challenges of everyday life. For spiritual seekers, not only is The Key a worthwhile read–it just may change your life.”

—Karen Richardson Dunn, Ordained Minister
Editor,  Penguin Random House, Simon and Schuster Inc

Mauro's prints from the 
original artwork in the book, 
and original paintings, and 
his latest 3 Dimensional art on canvas
 will be displayed and 
for sale and signed! 

More About Mauro

"My paintings are divine messages from plant spirits, containing visions of evolution and magic, creation and
healing, the jungle and love."   
--Mauro Reategui Perez

Mauro ReƔtegui Perez is becoming one of the most visible and sought after Peruvian visionary artists. Having trained with the renown visionary Artist, Pablo Amaringo, Mauro has developed a distinctive style that has become known internationally and he has had shows through out Europe and North America. Mauro draws inspiration for the vibrant and rich detailed cosmovision he portrays in his paintings from his own personal spiritual journey working with Amazonian plant medicines and from interviews with shamans that he has made over the years. As well as being a talented painter, Mauro is also a teacher and guide and possesses an extensive knowledge of the cultural life of the Peruvian Amazon.