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OLEANNA - A Play by David Mamet - 4 Performances 1/26 8pm, 1/27 8pm, 1/29 3pm, 1/298pm


White Horse regrets to announce that  ​all four performances of​ , OLEANNA, ​have been cancelled​ 
​The ​cast and others in the production​ did not feel ready to perform the play and informed White Horse this afternoon​ . We are working hard to get the word out.

If you purchased advance tickets please contact White Horse at 828-335-0816 or

 We can either give you a 20% discount on an event of your choice for each Oleanna ticket purchased or refund your credit card. Your choice.​ 

White Horse apologizes for any inconvenience.

​ We hope to re-book Oleanna in the future.

Thanks for your patience.​


Oleanna, playwright David Mamet’s explosive exploration of power and gender politics in academia, debuted in 1992 in the wake of, and partially in reaction to, the Clarence Thomas and Anita Hill hearings. The issues Mamet probes are as relevant today as they were then, and the two-character play continues to create controversy and heated discussion among critics and theater-goers alike.

Local audiences will have the chance to experience intimate in-the-round productions of Oleanna during a four-night run at the White Horse Black Mountain. 

The play, presented by LEAD Productions and directed by TJ Derham, stars Richard Handy and Hila Sullivan.

Oleanna takes its name from a folk song satirizing a failed 19th-century utopian community, but the setting is the supposed ivory towers of academia. It examines communication and miscommunication between a male professor and a struggling female student who initially seeks out his tutelage but later brings charges of sexual harassment that derail the teacher’s career. Typically, Mamet offers no easy answers or clear heroes and villains, and each viewer may see the play in a very different light. Neither character is entirely likable and their motives are unclear, but Oleanna, with it’s trademark staccato, overlapping lines, remains a controversial tour-de-force. In an era when the term “political correctness” is a flashpoint, the play is especially timely.

LEAD productions is the Asheville-based staging arm of NYS3, Meisner method Conservatory for the Southeast.