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IAN RIDENHOUR Appearing Fri May 12th 2017 at 8pm

$10 in advance
$12 at the door

Award-winning indie-rock songwriter Ian Ridenhour and his band bring their high energy rock show back to the White Horse.
Featuring Kent Spillmann, Brennan Dugan, Rain Lupia, and Jamieson Ridenhour.

Ian Ridenhour’s career is at an important crossroad as he negotiates the transition from prodigiously talented prodigy to adult artist. The teen musician has long been remarkable for his precocious command of rock, jazz, funk, classical and choral music, but he writes pop-savvy songs that exhibit a preternaturally mature sensibility. With the release of his excellent new album,Cry About It, and it’s wildly creative Kira Bursty-Directed videos for the songs "Monster" and "Dancing Children", Ridenhour is staking out territory as a young adult performer with a highly evolved personal style. He and the IanRidenhour Band will perform at the White Horse Black Mountain on Friday, May 12 at 8 p.m.

Ian’s performing career started at age four with and African drumming group, Djibola Jr. While still in his pre-teens he was winning awards on the Bismarck, North Dakota music scene for his solo work and his playing with the bands Blind Mice, Hex Radio and Tigirlily. Since moving to the Asheville area he’s earned the enthusiastic support of local heroes BJ Liederman and David LaMotte, who comments, “It is thrilling to watch an artist begin a public career with as much promise as Ian’s”.Cry About It has attracted national attention, including an incisive review from online journal PopMatters: “There is a certain melodic flair to Ian Ridenhour’s Music that comes across as very pop-sensible, but without sacrificing any of the dark, sometimes Burtonesque gloom of his overall musical persona.”