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SHANTAVAANI with special guests CHRIS ROSSER and NITIN PHATAK Appearing Sat Jun 17th 2017 at 8pm

$12 in advance

$15 at the door

Aditi Sethi and Jay Brown join 
Chris Rosser, 
multi-instrumentalist and songwriter, and 
Nitin Phatak, 
tabla player, 
for an evening of music with Indian and American Roots.

Their name in Sanskrit meaning "Peace through music," this group of talented and seasoned musicians pulls together from their eclectic backgrounds in raga, bhajans, shabads, jazz, classical, Americana, blues, folk, raggae music to create an extraordinary convergence of musical traditions. Their original sound honors and is deeply rooted in the traditions of their sources but moves in exciting and creative directions

Shantavaani performs music that will transport you to blissful states of mind and other worlds....both inner worlds on outer worlds.

Enjoy the journey with us.