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SHUEH-LI ONG & Xenovibes, with CRANIAL MYTHOS Appearing Sunday Aug 13th 2017 at 7:30pm

$12 in advance

$15 at the door

World-renown theremin-synthesist 

Shueh-li Ong, 

and acclaimed drummer 
John A Martinez
will reunite as synthpop band XENOVIBES, 
to play fusion, progrock, emotive soundscapes and more.

Composer-producer, Shueh-li, writes the gamut of her musical tastes, and Xenovibes is tasked to present new and even more challenging material for this mini tour!

Greg Waltzer as 

will grace the opening with his dark, ambient,
and spacey electro-acoustic music,
sometimes upbeat and melodious,
with strange trips in between.

It was in 2002, when Shueh-li set in motion the album production that would co-mingle her east meets west styling with her classical/electronic music training.
A year later, she released Shueh-li’s Xenovibes. Instead of using conventional labels to describe her music and methods, Xenovibes aka foreign+expressions would be her signature sound and her band/show.

John A Martinez was invited to be a part of the premier of Xenovibes in Singapore as well as its U.S. debut, and the rest is history.

Shueh-li’s modus operandi is to always try something new and adventurous. After producing 3 albums as Xenovibes she moved to Nashville in 2010 to write her 4th and ‘solo’ album.

“When John and I reunited as Xenovibes to play one show in 2016, we felt compelled to embark on a mini tour!”
This means hometown Nashville, neighboring Asheville and former haunt, Dallas will get to enjoy Shueh-li and John’s opposites-attract music-making. “Despite our contrasting methods, we share the same philosophical perspective.”

Those familiar with Shueh-li’s offerings can expect compositions that run the gamut of her musical tastes. From synthpop to progrock via fusion, lyrical ballads and soundscapes, the 2017 concert will also feature new material for an upcoming album release.

John A Martinez works with 5-time Grammy winner and bassist, Chuck Rainey.

More About Shueh-li:
Shueh-li Ong is an Australian born composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist ([1] thereminist, synthesizer performer and vocalist) to Singaporean parents of Chinese (Hokkien) descent, currently residing in the United States.

Shueh-li is [2] founder of electronic group Xenovibes, which has released four CDs written* and produced by her.[3] She has also written and produced shows and/or original music including theatrical productions, staged performances and live concerts, and could be considered the first thereminist to have performed at the Dallas Museum of Art (2005), Grapevine Opry (2008), State Fair of Texas(2007) and Moogfest (2007 Moog Music), NJProghouse (2013), Steinway Piano Gallery Nashville (2012).

Shueh-li, has contributed to the Singapore Arts Magazine, and South-east Asian music blog, Sonicfreakz, reporting for the latter from the U.S. front.

Cranial Mythos is the solo project of musician, composer, producer, and event organizer Greg Waltzer.

He has recorded and performed with Waveformation, AfterMyth, xeroid entity, Technicolor Travel Agency, Fringe Element, Holosphere, and Mutation Vector. 

Using improvisation within a real-time pattern generation framework of his own design, the music of Cranial Mythos ranges from dark, ambient, and spacey to upbeat and melodious, with some strange trips in between.