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BHAKTI SHAKTI: Bob Hinkle, Linda Go, John Vorus Appearing Fri Oct 20th 2017 at 8pm

$10 in advance
$12 at the door

Music is a uniquely temporal and transitory art form. It exists only in the moment and calls the attuned listener to do the same, an immersive experience that can be profoundly meditative and healing. 

Musicians Linda Go and John Vorus 
along with Bob Hinkle on crystal singing  bowls 
will join together for this unique performance.

Vocalist, instrumentalist and composer Linda Go describes Bhakti<>Shakti’s genre as “Gateway” music. It has trance-like and shamanic qualities that aide relaxation and surrender to what is, a kind of guided sound meditation to higher states of consciousness. Linda chooses beautiful sounds in the moment from ancients texts in Sanskrit, Gaelic and other languages, or opts
 to take wordless vocal flight in improvised passages. 

John Vorus is a Brevard-based didgeridoo player and electronic soundscape composer. He seamlessly melds the organic drones of the ancient Australian Aboriginal didgeridoo with digital effects and electronically generated sound to create whole aural worlds. Linda Go, who recently did a well-received set at the Asheville Yoga Festival with Vorus, says that the two rarely rehearse together. “We use our intuition and improv skills. He is an exceptional didge player and sensitive to me as a vocal contributor. I never know what will happen on stage when we put out this kind of musical offering, but it always ends up as a high point in my musical life!”

White Horse owner Bob Hinkle has done just about every job in the music business in the course of his career, but his history as a national performer dates back to the late 60s as member of the folk-pop trio The Good Earth. He recorded a solo album,Ollie Moggus, and performed with the band Mt. Airy along with Harry Chapin’s brothers Tom and Steve and Eric Weissberg of “Dueling Banjos” fame. Despite the demands of running a music venue, he still keeps his hand in as a musician, penning original songs and poetry, as well as playing the crystal singing bowls with keyboardist/composer Richard Shulman  and as a soloist for meditation events.