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Journey through Latin America: Fundraiser for the Future Sun Oct 15th 2017 at 4pm

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Fundraiser for the FUTURE!

Join LEAF International Guatemala for an epic Latin influenced performance with an outstanding mission – to raise funds to continue to educate global youth on the importance of traditional Guatemalan music culture.

This performance is an opportunity for cross-cultural connection with the Latinx Asheville community - having representatives from Mexico, Guatemala, and Puerto Rico. Attendees will be immersed in cultural traditions that will empower, educate, and encourage the preservation of all heritages for future generations to come. As we journey on the Fantastic Voyage to the 45th LEAF Festival, let’s celebrate by supporting the sacred traditions of our Latin American communities!


Don’t miss the silent auction complete with beautiful, authentic Guatemalan crafts by the local craftsmen of El Tejar!

This event is hosted by LEAF Community Arts, PEG (Proyecto para las Escuelas Guatemaltecas) and renowned musician, David LaMotte.
To find out more about LEAF International Guatemala,