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MEAN MARY JAMES CD Release Concert Sat Nov 18th 2017 at 2pm

$12 in advance
$15 at the door

Get ready for a Blazing start to Mean Mary’s Blazing Tour. Mean Mary will celebrate a pre-release of her new award winning action novel, Hell Is Naked, and her new Blazing album (a soundtrack for the new novel). 

She promises an intimate and fun preview of her new songs plus a lot of her old favorites as well. Yes, she will bring her banjo, guitar, fiddle, percussion, and any other of her 11 instruments that she can fit into her jeep. And yes, there are some really fast new songs—blazing fast!

Known internationally for her lightning-fast fingers and raw, unmistakable vocal sound (The Amplifier calls it “sexy, vulnerable and yet as powerful as any man’s.”), Mean Mary will perform songs that travel the genres of roots, bluegrass, blues, and folk rock—story songs, fast songs, sad songs, songs to make your feet tap. Best of all—you can get the album and novel two weeks before their official release date of December 1!

A note about her new novel, Hell Is Naked:

Hell Is Naked recently took finalist honors in the Readers Favorite International Awards. Full of suspense and mystery, it is as fast paced as Mean Mary’s new Blazing Tour. When former SWAT and police officer, Warren Roberts, romps through the Hollywood movie scene, he proves that off-beat investigative styles can achieve results and that action, adventure, humor, and romance can credibly inhabit the same story
Mean Mary, international singer/writer & master of 11 instruments, is not really so mean--even Hank Williams Jr. called her a “sweetheart.” But she IS infamous for her alluring story songs, incredible instrumental speed, & a rich voice that can travel from deep emotion to sparkling trills.

Her life has been one long road show interspersed with TV, radio, and film. She has performed more than 500 live TV shows and over 4,000 road shows—including national festivals, fairs, cruises, colleges, theatres, clubs and house concerts.   To date she plays eleven instruments, is a prolific songwriter, playwright, novelist, producer, and the spirited star of Nashville TV show, “Never-Ending Street.”