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PAULA HANKE: A Night of Jobim and the Bossa Nova Fri Nov 17th 2017 8:30pm

$12 in advance
$15 at the door


Appearing with Paula is  supporting cast of top jazz musicians from throughout our area including

Michael Jefry Stevens
Frank Southecorvo

tenor sax
Zack Page

Benjamin Pearce Bjorlie


Elis Regina, Astrid Gilberto and Leila Pinheiro are just a few of Brazil’s treasured vocalists explored in tonight’s journey to Brazil, who successfully collaborated with the brilliant Antonio Carlos Jobim. You will hear classic hits such as Agua De Beber and Corcovado, to lesser-known exquisite gems- Brigas Nunca Mais and the exquisite Retrato em Branco e Preto.

“Paula Hanke is a mesmerizing vocalist, she shifts effortlessly between burning passion and full alarm fire. Paula is a world-class entertainer. With pitch perfect affection, she fans the flame that rekindles these nostalgic, enduring songs. Her warm stage presence proves connecting, ignites and unites us all.

More About Paula Hanke:

Paula Hanke is a seasoned performer with a professional career spanning over 30 years, including performances from Atlantic City to TV’s Star Search to New York’s Bitter End, and appearances from Las Vegas to Tokyo, Japan. Hanke has contributed vocals to CD's produced by Capitol Records and We 'B' Records.

Hanke's writing for her debut cd titled ‘The Only Voice’ began emerging in 2009. Graciously and vibrantly talented, Paula Hanke sings just about every style of music imaginable and was curious what would come into fruition if allowed the time to write and nurture her own music. Hanke posed the question: “What would I have to say and how would my voice sound saying it?”

‘The Only Voice’ is the answer to this question.

"What emerged is deeply heart- connected, empowering and uplifting. The messages of the songs evolved by sitting very quietly and listening to my heart”, reflects Hanke. Melody and harmony driven, Hanke is influenced by songwriters and artists like James Taylor (whom she opened for in 2007), Sting and early Jonatha Brook. Paula eloquently transposes what she feels when she listens to their music into her own musical expression and journey.

Early developmental vocal influences that inspired Hanke include Roberta Flack, Luther Vandross and Gladys Knight to her current favorites, Susan Tedeschi and Lizz Wright which Hanke vigorously incorporates with vocals that span clear and tender to soulful and sultry.

On her new CD, Paula collaborates with some of Asheville’s finest musicians, from Grammy-winning bassist Eliot Wadopian,Chris Rosser and River Guerguerian of Free Planet Radio, to Jacob Rodriguez, who plays sax with Grammy-winning singer Michael Buble.

The title cut of the CD 'The Only Voice', encourages that we make our life-decisions based on our own gut-feelings, defying authority and the often misguided voices of our parents and religion. 'It's such a difficult thing to do when you have very strong moral consequences conflicting with what feels 'right'. An example is from the lyrics from the title song ‘The Only Voice’ - 'And it's telling me to fly. It's sayin' - Be bold, be brave, be wise. Cause it's safe, to listen to my own voice. It's the only choice; the only voice.'

'Columbus Street' was written after being contacted on Facebook by an old friend, after 15 years. 'This hadn't been a romantic connection, but I spiced it up and turned it into one. In the song, the lovers meet unexpectedly on the street, barely recognizing each other after 20 years.'

‘The Only Voice’ was produced by Robert George & Paula Hanke and was recorded, engineered and mixed at the Sound Temple Studios in Asheville.

 'With a strong, emotive voice, and obviously deep understanding of vocal dynamics and a refreshingly intriguing approach to her delivery, singer/songwriter Paula Hanke has released a debut album that is remarkably eclectic and deeply heartfelt.'   -   Brent Fleury- Bold Life magazine

Paula Hanke performs frequently with vocalist Peggy Ratusz.
  Their latest project is the
 Women Who Made Music History Concert Series. 

 "We created this series  because we are passionate about singing and about the reasons why we sing- and why we have chosen to express ourselves in this vulnerable way, for decades! 
We are moved by the human voice, by melody and lyric. We have been touched and inspired by many artists, their life journeys, their bravery, their career choices and their personal interpretations of music and melody.
We see the importance in continuing to bring women to the forefront as their greatness is often muted or dimmed. We also feel a sense of responsibility to share with our young and upcoming sisters about the courageous souls who have preceded them and to EMPOWER and ENCOURAGE them, and bring more LOVE and CONNECTION to this planet in our own way."