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Twice Blest, Blushin Roulettes, Jay and Aditi Appearing Mon Dec 4th 2017 at 7pm

Tickets: $10
Three Times Two = One
         One Great Evening of Great Music

Join us as we present three couples sharing original and cover songs

aka ANDY GWYNN and

Donna Marie Todd is a professional storyteller, TEDx speaker, singer, writer, teaching artist and retreat leader. She is a multi-faceted artist who delivers perfectly-crafted performances that combine her talents as a speaker, writer, storyteller and singer. The combination of storytelling and singing has earned her the description of “The Singer of Stories.” Currently Donna Marie performs at leading storytelling festivals, corporate events, spiritual retreats, churches, schools and conferences. She trained in vocal performance at the renowned Peabody Conservatory.

Her latest collaboration is as “Twice Blest” with singer-songwriter Andy Gwynn. They are now touring with shows of Andy’s original music and old hymns and spirituals, all with tight harmony and delightful banter.

Donna Marie and singer-songwriter Andy Gwynn have been performing together for over a decade and their joyful banter and delicious harmonies will leave you wanting more. A multi-faceted acoustic musician, Andy is a graduate of Davidson College and plays guitar, harmonica and African drum. In addition to his performing schedule with Donna Marie, Andy offers African drum building and introductory drumming workshops to groups and churches. His latest drumming workshop was for the Mantreat at Montreat conference center but he also builds drums with youth in the summers at Camp Rockmont.

Jay Brown often performs as the sole member of the rootsy Jay Brown One-Man Band, deftly handling guitar, vocals, slide guitar and percussion at make it look remarkably easy. But when he wants a musical collaborator he need look no farther than home. Brown’s wife, Aditi Sethi-Brown is accomplished in several musical traditions from her Indian homeland, and provides vocals ,harmonium, harp and percussion in their duo performances. In addition to his mastery of traditional American idioms and songwriting, Brown himself has also studied Indian classical music and is able to tap into his multitude of influences at will.


The heart of the Blushin’ Roulettes is the songwriting duo Angie Heimann (guitar) and Cas Sochaki (Dobro) who reinterpret old-time country sensibilities with a modern twist. Onstage, they’re visual foils, with affable Angie barely breaking five feet tall while the towering Cas is deadpan and sardonic, often to great comic effect. Their differences also extend to their music in a complimentary way. Cas’ approach in frequently tongue-in-cheek, whereas Angie’s songs typically have an earthier lyrical depth. The pair have recently made their home in Western North Carolina, bringing their music back to the hills that helped shape it.

When not performing with Lazybirds, Shantavaani, or Swing Guitars, Jay Brown still finds some time to play with his other band, The Jay Brown One-Man-Band.

The Blushin’ Roulettes deliver old-time tunes with a modern twist. "Their songs are stripped down, sexy little jewel boxes stuffed with ancient mountain magic ...