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$8 in advance
$10 at the door
$5 for Students
Sam Anderson of the band Room 27, accompanied by Emily Berry and bandmate Matthew Price, 
The Karma Mechanics

Three Great Bands are coming together to raise funds
 for the BRITTEN OLINGER Family.    

Britten Olinger is a much loved running coach at Montreat College.    One year ago, Coach Olinger was involved in a major car accident in the center of Black Mountain, a few hundred feet from the White Horse door.

His recovery is going well, but the financial burdens remain.

White Horse is thrilled to host these event and we commend all the musicians who are donating their time and talent for this worthy cause.

Excerpt from an article in the 

Asheville Citizen Times:

"That's the hard part for me," he mouthed between two deep breaths as he sat in a wheelchair surrounded by medical equipment. "I've always provided for them.”

Olinger is paralyzed from the chest down, the result of a horrific Feb. 27 car crash in downtown Black Mountain that has rallied community support for him and his family.....

....... Olinger, head coach of the Montreat College men’s and women’s track and field teams, was driving home from practice the evening of the crash. The trip should have taken less than 10 minutes.

But as he moved along State Street, which has a speed limit of 20 mph, just before 7 p.m. another driver, traveling at what police estimated was 120 mph, struck the back of Olinger's Mazda sedan.

The collision rammed his car into three others. His vehicle spun around and parts of his car along with his possessions flew through a hardware store's windows........

......."To say that my brother loves to run is an understatement," said Nancy Quesenberry, who is three years younger than Olinger. "He has studied the art of running, he has mastered the technique, and he has supported numerous athletes in his coaching career."

When her brother first joined the high school track team, he fell in love immediately, Quesenberry said.

From there, his love for running transformed into a love for coaching and motivating others........

........ "I learned that track was my job, but it became more than that," he quietly and slowly said as he sat outside the Sheperd Center, watching his daughter chew on a rubber giraffe in the grass. Kolbie brings out his voice and helps him smile, Sam Olinger said.

"It's about reaching people," he said. "Running is more than a sport. I used to teach that instead of coaching jumps and sprints."

Even though Olinger will never be able to run again, he hopes to continue inspiring people.

"This accident fortunately has taught me that I have more to offer than just coaching," he said, slowly. "Before I was a 31-year-old white guy living life without any issues. Now I'm about to be 32 and this accident has basically paralyzed me. I get to tell people there's more to life. I can be more motivating."