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AARON PRICE with Shalene Hill and Lisle Gwynn Garrity on Sat Mar 31st 2018 at 3pm

$10 in advance
$12 at the door



 will enthrall and inspire you to reconnect 
with music from the church hymnals. 
Aaron's newest CD features his interpretations
 of classic church melodies and
 opens them up to improvisational possibilities.  

Joining Aaron will be vocalist 

A special added treat will be live painting 
created during the concert by

The painting will be available for sale 
at the conclusion of the concert.

Aaron Price is an Asheville-based musician and producer. A talented if not prolific writer, Aaron is a versatile multi-instrumentalist at home when playing bass, piano, or guitar. He has produced many records including local releases by the Honeycutters, Malcolm Holcombe, Stephanies Id, Kellin Watson, Cary Fridley and others. Currently performing songs from an upcoming release, Aaron is unveiling many new tunes this year.

He is a member of Jeff Thompson and The Outliars, The Wham Bam Bowie Band, The Zealots, and occasionally fronts his own group, Kill The Click.


Excerpt from a recent article in 
The Asheville Citizen Times

Photo by Colby Rabon
Last Friday, Aaron Price was at the piano in the downtown Asheville jazz and blues club Tressa's, accompanying his friend, singer Peggy Ratusz. For Valentine's Day, he'll be upstairs at the Isis Music Hall in West Asheville, manning the keys for another friend, the singer-songwriter and guitarist Jeff Thompson.

In between, on Sunday, he was at West Asheville Presbyterian Church, where he's the music director, supporting each week's worship with sacred songs and occasional guest appearances from other local talents.

.............The album is titled "Offering: Hymn Variations, Vol. 1," and it expresses his love of sacred music, particularly the hymns he grew up with in the Methodist church in Illinois, and his particular take on faith. "I'm very spiritual," he says, "and music is where I practice my religion. Playing music is my true church."

Price is 44 and has been in Asheville 21 years now, and working at West Asheville Presbyterian, much to his surprise, for 15 of those years. "I took the job as kind of a part-time job in 2003, and I’m still there," he says. "I really like working there, and I've madea lot of friends that I wouldn't have otherwise. They help me keep my life balanced, that’s for sure."

The new album, "Offering," is dedicated to the congregation.


"Offering," he says, "is a fairly meditative, mellow record. I wanted to focus on the melodies these old tunes have and showcase the way that I relate to this music. Playing this music for me is meditation; it's inspiring to play and inspiring to arrange. It's the music I've been playing the longest."