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Potluck Supper and Film: IKIRU Mon March 26th 2018 at 6:30pm

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Monday March 26th  
Pot Luck 6:30pm
Film Screening: 7:30pm

Suggested Donation  $7 - $10

Our monthly MOVIES AND MEANING film series has proven to be a very popular offering.   The films in this series are thought provoking and discussions are held following each film.

In November, we added a new feature prior to each film, a Pot Luck Dinner .  Join us at 6:30pm for a community meal and good conversation followed by the film followed by more conversation.

We are exceptionally excited to bring you a Cinema Classic


About The Film

Akira Kurosawa's drama stars Takashi Shimura as Kanji Watanabe, a government clerk who learns he has only months to live. Fearing his life may amount to nothing, he decides to turn his back on his rigid routines in order to search for the meaning of existence.

Kurosawa's eclectic style is a delight: his striking, varied compositions reflecting the old man's journey from darkness to some kind of light right until the moving finale.

....directed and co-written by famed Japanese filmmaker Akira Kurosawa and starring Takashi Shimura. The film examines the struggles of a terminally ill Tokyo bureaucrat and his final quest for meaning. The screenplay was partly inspired by Leo Tolstoy's 1886 novella The Death of Ivan Ilyich.

The major themes of the film include learning how to live, the inefficiency of bureaucracy, and decaying family life in Japan, which have been the subject of analysis by academics and critics. The film has received widespread critical acclaim, and in Japan won awards for Best Film at the Kinema Junpo and Mainichi Film Awards. It was remade as a television film in 2007.

A well crafted film with a heartfelt story that is poignant, deep, this masterpiece of a film laments life's biggest truths about our own measly, mortal existence. I haven't seen a modern movie quite like it. Ikiru is a brilliant film because of the ingenious cinematography, one would certainly agree to such; that it concerns us, because the problems faced are very real and speaks of truth, however sad(or liberating) as one may see fit. Ultimately, it works because it succeeds in doling out quintessential truths about our humanity, of our very lives.


Our Film Series is Curated by the Good Folks At

Movies and Meaning 

Created to heal our personal and cultural wounds as a diverse community, laugh and cry around the “campfire experience” of great movies, and gain tools for constructive, respectful, and thoughtful dialogue across boundaries. 

About Movies & Meaning

These days the noise of bad, fake, and hurtful stories is loud, harsh, and sometimes overwhelming. The task of creating our better world seems large and difficult to hold. And many people we’ve talked to just seem, for lack of a better word, tired.

This April, our fourth annual Movies & Meaning experience is designed for this moment.

You’re invited to this healing, joyful, challenging, and life-giving experience, which will lift your heart without asking you to switch off your brain. The Movies & Meaning experience is an experimental community where we practice being the way we want the world to be. It's a gathering undertaken in hope.

Over three days, up to 500 participants will be inspired and challenged by artists and activists who work at the intersection of creativity, peace, spirituality, and social change. Participants will walk away with a renewed spirit for social justice and tools for community healing.

Seven movies will be paired with seven activities, serving as touchstones, inviting us to wonder, dream, and reflect on our world and our active place in making it. Unlike typical film festivals, instead of passive viewing, Movies & Meaning creates a space for engagement and transformation. We'll weave art throughout our time together as a means of reflection and change-making, learning how to make the world better through substantive action.