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The EXTENDED TRIO Appearing Sun Jun 24th 2018 at 7:30pm

$10 in advance
$12 at the door

oscar rossignoli: piano
matt booth: bass
brad webb: drums

"These three musicians sound as if they were destined to play with each other. Their interactions, improvisations and the seamless way their compositions flow from cut to cut feel instinctive. Extended exemplifies creativity."
– Geraldine Wyckoff,

In the autumn of 2016, word began to spread around New Orleans that an extraordinary new collective had begun to record an album and were starting to perform in the premier venues in the city. The personnel? Brad Webb on drums, Matt Booth on bass, and Oscar Rossignoli on piano. All of them compose for the group, and with the particular musical personalities of the group foremost in mind -- an approach that has thrilled locals and will likely soon reach audiences both nationally and internationally.

Each of these players, though quite young, had already established a strong reputation around the city by the time they came together. Brad has been in Louisiana the longest, having grown up in Lafayette and absorbed, since childhood, the sounds of the legendary cultural hub of the bayou country. But his preparation for the work he’s doing now extends well beyond the particular riches of his hometown: he studied classical music at the Boston Conservatory, and worked at The Regatta Bar in Cambridge, where he could study informally over countless nights the ways the heroes of his chosen art-form do what they do. Only a handful of years ago, Oscar left his native Honduras to study piano at Louisiana State University, where he won numerous awards, before coming to the University of New Orleans, where he was recently named the 2015-2016 ASCAP Louis Armstrong Scholar. Matt arrived just last year, having spent the last decade in Pittsburgh, where, among other musical doings, he taught at Carnegie Mellon University and spent extensive time on the road, both regionally and nationally, with – among many others – Lincoln Center’s celebrated trumpeter, Sean Jones. And since arriving in New Orleans, he has worked with Steve Masakowski, and many others who constitute the cream of the crescent city.

What makes EXTENDED so exciting to the jazz community in New Orleans grows out of the way, together, they create. Each of the three composes, and composes with a particular awareness of each other. When Brad writes for Extended, he likes to include plenty of space, for these openings for improvisation, where he needs to explain nothing at all, are hallmarks of the trust and respect that he has for his comrades and that he knows they have for him. By honoring this freedom and its foundation in trust, he feels, genuine music inevitably follows. Oscar too says that he values the keen musical intuitions of Matt and Brad, the ways they enable him to learn a little more about his own compositions each time the trio takes them up and lets his music go wherever it wants to go. Brad, too, emphasizes how comfortable the other two make him feel as a creator of music in real time, whether engaged with his own compositions or theirs.

As the whole world knows, the city of New Orleans knows no shortage of the highest caliber of players in the world, but in recent months, we locals have been thrilled to see the development of a new collective – EXTENDED -- that has quickly come to find a place among our brightest stars.
T. R. Johnson, Ph.D.
WWOZ 90.7 FM New Orleans