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Jazz Night: UP JUMPED THREE Appearing Wed Jul 18th 2018 at 7pm

$10 in advance

$12 at the door
($6 for students

Up Jumped Three consists of
Bryan White
Double Bass/Composer
Frank Southecorvo

Tim Winter


Up Jumped Three   brings unique perspectives and years of experience to the bandstand with regard to composing, selection of material, and overall concept of sound. For Bryan and Frank, it reunites two former bandmates from a prior project, 'Done For The Evening', a trio that focused on a chord-less sound with upright and electric bass, sax, and drums, which gigged actively from 2006 to 2010. Frank met Tim in 2012 and was immediately taken by his rich tone and interesting playing (on both guitar and bass). At Frank’s urging and invitation, Tim was asked to round out the lineup of Up Jumped Three. 
The group’s latest record, ‘Crosstalk’, is a more energetic and focused effort when compared with 2016’s ‘Eleven Dialogues’. This new album from Up Jumped Three represents a more focused, streamlined, and adventurous sound than had previously been captured on record from the band. All three members of the group are accomplished composers in their own rights and bring varying influences to the group’s sound. Represented here are free jazz explorations (‘Prologue’, ‘Epilogue’, and ‘Forest of Thieves’), classical/chamber music sensibilities (‘Coming of Autumn’), a healthy taste of the blues (‘Jury Duty Blues’ and ‘Porch Blues’), and propulsive rock & funk influences (‘Asphalt Through Leaves’ and ‘New Digs’, respectively). There are no technical showoffs or chops-fest jaunts here. The focus is on space, texture, lyricism, richness of tone, and rhythmic authority.