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Local Live: CALLIOPE PETTIS, TOM EURE and JAY BROWN Appearing Mon Aug 6th 2018 at 7pm



Singer/songwriter Tom Eure, along with his musical partner Amelia Osborne, offer up a heartfelt fusion of folk, Celtic, and Appalachian influences. The two multi-instrumentalists swirl together fiddles, banjos, mandolins, guitars, bodhráns, and rousing vocal harmonies, painting a musical picture that is fresh and uplifting. Their latest album "The Coin, The Prayer & The Crow" is available now. The release is a joyful retrospective of folk traditions with an eye set on the future.

"This North Carolina based recording artist is one of the most impressive figures on the indie folk and Americana scene today.” - Joshua Stryde, Indie Band Guru (3/6/2018)

“…evocatively titled The Coin, the Prayer & The Crow, is a reminder of the abiding power of folk music. It’s also an astonishingly vital and modern audio document…” - Mindy McCall, No Depression (3/4/2018)

“Tom Eure goes far beyond merely aping the folk form and, instead, finds fresh life in this venerable style. - Scott Wigley, GashouseRadio.Com(3/5/2018)

“The Coin, The Prayer & The Crow further solidifies Eure’s already secure reputation as one of the best musicians and writers working in the modern folk/Americana scene.” - Jason Dillenburg, Skope Magazine (3/5/2018)

“I feel like my music career has not been unlike a world traveler,” Eure notes. “I’ve been visiting all these wonderful places and am able to bring my favorite parts back with me. Picking up on something and passing it along, sharing it, that’s what folk music is all about. The new album is a celebration of life, love and music that is the next logical step in what I call my ‘folk process’.”

Calliope Pettis is a classically trained vocalist and self-taught instrumentalist. Her passion for performing arts was ignited the first time she stepped on stage as a toddler in Panama City, Florida. Her early experiences in musicals and theatrical improvisation troupes lend themselves to her presentation of original music- as she whimsically moves about the stage, it's plain to see that her inner child is alive and well.

From guitar and mandolin to ukulele and a simple Looper pedal; Calliope's style is as imaginatively enigmatic as a child left alone with a pot of coffee, a 120 pack of crayons and a notion that there is no right or wrong way to create. She plays well with others and wants the whole world to know that "if you can speak you can sing, and if singing brings you joy, you should sing daily!"


Ketch Secor of Old Crow Medicine Show affirms that Jay Brown is “the most authentic songster to come out of the Carolina High Country since a man named Doc Watson”.

A singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, he has hundreds of classic songs in his repertoire as well as a hundred-odd originals. He performs with Boone-based roots band The Lazybirds, Indian-flavored world music group Shantavaani and early-jazz cats Swing Guitars. In 2007 he founded The Jay Brown One-Man-Band, in which the sole member handles vocals, guitar, harmonica, percussion and piano.
The busy musician can be found gigging in clubs and pubs around Asheville and Western North Carolina, but has performed and studied in locales around the world, including New Orleans, California, India, Ghana, and Peru.


Charles Welch was also frequently found on stage with Doc, performing with him regularly for Doc’s local performances. Charles is an excellent finger-style blues guitar player, and he will share some music and memories of his time with Doc.