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Local Live: JAY BROWN , BILL ALTORK and Charles Welch on Mon Jul 16th 2018 at 7pm



Bill Altork, a resident of Swannanoa NC,  is one of eighty million others from the Baby Boomer generation. He grew up with a streak of healthy independence. In his earlier years the music and words of Bob Dylan and Peter, Paul, and Mary helped shape his future creative expression in life. Early on, Bill fell in love with the first Martin D 28 he laid his eyes on. The acoustic guitar became the tool through which Bill would access and express the language of his heart to others.

Fast forward seventy years into his visit on this planet. Bill is now a retired survivor who spends his time communing with nature, seeking the Source, and playing music and writing new songs. He remains comfortably rough around the edges. He continues to have drops of blood squeezed out of his heart by the pain and suffering of humanity. He continues, in an unpolished manner, to share his songs to anyone who cares to listen.


Ketch Secor of Old Crow Medicine Show affirms that Jay Brown is “the most authentic songster to come out of the Carolina High Country since a man named Doc Watson”.

A singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, he has hundreds of classic songs in his repertoire as well as a hundred-odd originals. He performs with Boone-based roots band The Lazybirds, Indian-flavored world music group Shantavaani and early-jazz cats Swing Guitars. In 2007 he founded The Jay Brown One-Man-Band, in which the sole member handles vocals, guitar, harmonica, percussion and piano.
The busy musician can be found gigging in clubs and pubs around Asheville and Western North Carolina, but has performed and studied in locales around the world, including New Orleans, California, India, Ghana, and Peru.


Charles Welch was also frequently found on stage with Doc, performing with him regularly for Doc’s local performances. Charles is an excellent finger-style blues guitar player, and he will share some music and memories of his time with Doc.