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Multi-talented LAURIE FISHER has been a full-time fiddler for the last 20 years, after graduating from Warren Wilson College in Swannanoa, NC. Her lively rhythmic bowing is a delight to hear and dance to. She enjoys many styles of fiddling, including Irish, Scottish, French Canadian, and the large pastiche of American fiddle music. Laurie plays many other instruments, including tinwhistle, piano, and bass guitar, and is also a popular contra dance caller as well.

UTAH GREEN, moved to Asheville, NC in 2000, the same year her father gave her his guitar for a birthday present. Thus began her musical career, and since then she has written about 40 songs, learned to play the guitar, banjo and harmonica in a toe-tapping old time folk style, and performed her music in such distant places as Ketchikan, Alsaka and San Cristobal de las Casas, Mexico; she has also spent musical time in Europe and the Middle East, and more recently, Guatemala and Gold Hill.

Each song is different and stands on its own, but can be generally categorized as funny and quirky, complex, emotional, and reflective. There is wonderful imagery in her poetry that stimulates one's imagination and it can be very moving in a positive sense. It is sometimes a challenge to capture and comprehend the multiple meanings of some of her verse, but it's worth the effort.

As a performer, she seems able to sense the mood of the audience and to play the right song at the right time. She connects with her audience on a personal level, makes one feel as if she's singing for you alone. She is low key, and doesn't get excessively dramatic or passionate, which, thus understated, lends more force to the words she sings. There is no separation between her and the audience as there often is with popular artists.

She has currently recorded 4 full albums, and is in the process of creating the fifth this winter.

A native of Augusta, Georgia, Tracey Schmidt now lives in the gray-bluemountains of Asheville, NC. She is a working poet and a photographer. Her first book of poetry, I Have Fallen in Love with the World,(Turtle Dove Publications) was the focus of a recent 6-week, coast to coast poetry/music tour. 

She performed the work of Hafiz, Antonio Machado, Mary Oliver and her own work, all by memory. Her poetry has been published in Field of Dreams Poetry Anthology, Western NC Woman, Mountain Express, Sheville, Sunburst Anthology of Women Writers, SOL Poetry Anthology, and numerous other publications. She recently produced a music/poetry CD (Returning Home) with world-class musicians Mariam Matossian and River Guerguerian, recording the work of Rumi, Hafiz, Yeats and her own poetry. She continues to perform her work in the southeast and abroad with world class musicians.

Schmidt’s photographic -based multi-media installation The Awakening of Turtle Island: Portraits of Native Americans won the coveted Regional Designation Award in the Humanities with the Cultural Olympiad during the Olympics in Atlanta, 1996. This museum exhibit about native people has gone on to tour 18 museums in the southeast, and includes a holographic-style video projection of a Cherokee elder. 

Besides being a working poet and photographer, she teaches in both the visual and literary arts. She attended Georgia State University and the Portfolio Center School of the Arts

BOB HINKLE, is a native of Asheville who got his big break in show business as a member of the folk pop band The Good Earth, with whom he toured and recorded, sharing stages with major acts. He also made a positively revised solo album,Ollie Moggus, before migrating to the business side of the music world. Hinkle spent over 40 years in New York, where he wore many hats in the music and entertainment industry: touring and recording performer, composer, record company executive, consultant, artist management, executive producer and more. 

In 2008 Bob returned to the mountains of North Carolina to wear a new hat, that of music venue owner. He writes both poetry and songs, which he delivers with a voice of experience accompanied by guitar backup refined by years of playing. He sings about issues both lighthearted and serious, but there’s often an undercurrent of wry humor in even the weightiest songs.